At 40, Serena Williams’ Abs And Legs Are So Sculpted As She Slides Down A Handrail In Her Latest IG Video

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Get you a girl who can do both.

And in this case, both would be absolutely rocking a formal ‘fit and heels while sliding down a handrail like Serena Williams.

serena williams

In her latest Instagram video, the tennis professional shows her goofy side as she plays around while walking down stairs.

Serena hoists herself up on the handrail in a gorgeous black two-piece set with a princess-like tulle skirt and cropped bustier, and slides down, heels and all. Her abs and legs—no surprise here—look incredible.


“Cause why not?” she captioned the adorable video. People were quick to praise Serena, 40, in her comments section.

serena williams

“Work hard. Play hard ❤️❤️❤️” wrote Loren Ridinger. One fan wrote what I was thinking, “Inna pump 😭! Be careful sis lol got me worried over here.” But not to worry—the champ landed on her feet!

When Serena is not crushing her opponents in tennis or doing some casual parkour in evening wear, our girl is in the gym. And lucky for fans, she shares the highlights on Instagram.

Here she is in June 2020 doing a speed and strength workout of ladder drills, planks, resistance band training, and a bunch of core-tightening moves.


serena williams

And of course, her sister Venus sometimes joins her as well.


Like a true athlete, Serena previously told Women’s Health her nutrition philosophy is “eat to live. Don’t live to eat,” she said. “I want to have a healthy lifestyle and, so you know, [I’m eating] a lot of greens and mostly plant-based lately, just super healthy stuff.”

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