Tiger Woods Was Once Extremely Straightforward About President Obama’s Golf Game

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Tiger Woods has played golf with many of the former Presidents of America. Since they are not professionals, people were always curious about how well they actually played. And finally, Tiger Woods had revealed how he felt about playing with Barack Obama on the course.

Tiger Woods Obama

“Straight,” Woods said as he was asked about how the then POTUS played golf. He shared his evaluation with Stephen Colbert when he appeared as a guest on his show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

When Colbert asked him about Obama’s competitiveness, he was quick to answer. “Extremely competitive. Hits it straight,” said Woods. He further added that although the then President hits hard, he doesn’t hit long enough. His extremely honest opinion about Obama’s golf skill made the studio audience and Stephen Colbert laugh.

Woods and Obama had played together back in 2013 at Floridan National as a part of a presidential trip to Florida. Reportedly, the trip had cost around $3.6 million, and it had drawn many criticisms towards the President. Later, Obama and Woods played together once more in 2018, when Trump was the President.

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Playing with the President of America might sound like a dream to many. However, it was not for the GOAT, as it was not the first time he had played with one.

Tiger Woods Obama

All the Presidents with whom Tiger Woods has played golf
Woods is considered the greatest golfer of all time. Thus, it was not a surprise that many of the Presidents of America wanted to play golf.

The former POTUS George H. W. Bush had played with Woods back in 2007 at an inaugural event in Washington DC. As an avid golf lover, Bush had made some huge contributions, like his involvement in the inception of the Presidents Cup in 1994.

Woods had also played golf with Bill Clinton for the opening of Tiger Woods Learning Center in 2006. The legendary golfer has also played with Donald Trump after he became the President, not once but twice.

Woods had played golf with Obama twice; one during he was the POTUS and one after. Since he has a friendly relationship with him, it was not hard for Tiger to share Obama’s golfing skills on national television.

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