Has Simone Biles Retired From Gymnastics Sport?

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The worst part about good things is that they end. Just like someday, even the great players have to retire. It feels like yesterday when the 19-year-old Simone Biles made her Olympics debut in Rio. What followed that was like a dream come true for the American gymnast. In her first Olympics, she not only won four gold medals but became a legend in the sport.

Her sensational performance rewarded her with the title of most decorated Olympian in the history of gymnastics. Today she is celebrated as one of the most incredible athletes in the game and her accomplishments are still an imagination for many.

Simone Biles

Has Simone Biles retired from Gymnastics?

It has been quite a while since the fans have seen the legend compete in international events. Since Tokyo Olympics, Simone Biles has been on an extended break.

Furthermore, she hasn’t revealed she would appear in the 2024 Olympics or any other international event. As for now, the Olympic champion seems to be busy with her wedding planning, which can be expected soon.

Olympics 2024 are two years away and Simone will be 27 by then. Which is surely not the prime age for a gymnast. However, she hasn’t made any official statement about her future in the sport, therefore; it remains under curtains whether she’ll return or retire.

What happened in the Tokyo Olympics?

Simone Biles pulled out of the all-round event in the Tokyo Olympics at the Eleventh hour. Her decision raised several questions, and she was hugely criticized for her actions. However, the Olympic champion reasoned that she was not in the proper state of mind to compete, hence, she withdrew.

Simone has given enough moments to gymnastics to cherish for a lifetime. Moreover, she knows better than anyone else where lies her heart. She has been true to her decisions and would certainly decide what’s best for her going into the future.

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