19-Year-Old Suni Lee Continues Achieving Glories That Simone Biles Never Even Touched

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The Auburn Tigers are lucky to have Suni Lee at their helm. She is just an incredible gymnast, twisting around, flips, tricks, and concrete landings as everything is going great for her. Moreover, she propelled Auburn to the round of 16 of the NCAA national tournament. With all that she is doing, her college achievements are stunning; even more so than Simone Biles.

The talented Biles did not attend college but became a four-time Olympic gold medalist at the 2016 Rio Olympics. But, Lee’s performances for her college are becoming legendary. From perfect 10s to perfect landings, she is on top of the world of gymnastics.

Simone biles

Suni Lee and Auburn Tigers move to the next round

Heading back to the locker room after the vault warmup, she recorded a season-low 9.825 in the competition. With Lee’s presence important for the Tigers, she returned for the uneven bars and balance beam routines. Fighting through the pain, she came back to perform and put on a magnificent display on the uneven bars routine. Three judges gave her a score of 9.950 while one of them gave her a perfect 10. After that, it was the balance beam competition where she scored 9.975, as well as, two perfect 10s from two judges.

Simone Biles

The determination and passion she has for the sport are admirable. As Biles never went to college, some of her achievements are unknown in the college picture. With her stunning performances, Lee is happy to take her college to the next round. Auburn head coach Jeff Graba loved her routines, and he is delighted with the balance beam being her last routine. Graba admired her mentality and how she fought through injury.

“Definitely Suni has that mentality. I mean, you don’t win the Olympic gold medal without having that tough-as-nails mentality. And then execution — being able to just disconnect from some of that stuff that’s frustrating you, some of the doubt, all that type of stuff. She just has to get herself in gear. She got hit really hard really fast on vault, and it was hard to come out of it,” said Graba.

Along with her college achievements, she won three Olympic medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Her performances in the all-around competition fetched her the gold medal for the competition. As Biles never took part in the college competitions, Lee has achieved greater things than her. Specifically, in college!

Simone Biles is still the GOAT of gymnastics. But considering the current trajectory, Suni Lee is turning tides in different rounds with the Auburn Tigers. She has elevated her status in the world of gymnastics as she continues to perform well.

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