Michael Che Infamous For Attack On Simone Biles, Calls Out Jada Smith and Will Smith Post Oscars 2022 Slap Controversy

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The Oscars 2022 was filled with all kinds of glitz and glamour. From the top Hollywood stars to some of the top US athletes, the Red Carpet witnessed an iconic gathering. But perhaps the highlight of the night will be the clash between Will Smith and Chris Rock. While the majority have condoned the act, meanwhile SNL’S Michael Che has come out in Rock’s defense, harshly attacking Jada Pinkett Smith. This reminds us all of how just a year back, he was quick to make a “joke” on star gymnast Simone Biles as well.

Simone biles

In 2021, Simone Biles stepped down from the Tokyo Summer Olympics stating mental health reasons. The pressure and stress were overwhelming for her and risky for her performance. Apart from that, she also had her fair share of struggles with the gymnastic community.

While this came as a shock to many, some of them were cruel enough to put it on Simone and attack her. Michael Che was one of them.

SNL’s co-anchor Michael Che passes comment on Jada Smith after Simone Biles

Michael Che made several harsh comments about Simone Biles after her Tokyo decision. Notably, the gymnast suffered from a case of the “twisties”, which put her at great risk. Biles took a wise decision by stepping down and her team knew it.

Fans attacked Che after this joke, calling out his behavior. This led the comedian to take down his posts on Twitter and claim that his account was hacked. However, no such thing had happened and it was he who made those comments.

Now, after the Jada-Chris-Will situation at the Oscars, Michael Che is once again under fire. Rock had made a joke at the Oscars about Jada Smith’s medical condition “Alopecia.” This condition has caused Jada hair loss, and she has publicly opened up about it.


“As much as we heard about Jada and Will’s personal lives, you can’t expect us to retain everything,” joked Michael.

According to Michale Che, people should stop “pretending” that everyone had an idea about her condition.

“Just selfishly as a comedian I’m tired of people putting their insecurities on our joke intentions,” said Che. He went as far as to call Will Smith crazy for clashing with Chris Rock.

Che comes to Chris Rock’s defense

Both Michael Che and Chris Rock are comedians. Therefore, Che came to Rock’s defense and called people for not being able to take jokes.

He also mentioned Chris Rock’s “learning disorder”. Notably, Rock suffers from a non-verbal learning disorder. This prevents him from grasping non-verbal concepts used by other people.

It will be interesting to see what the public has to say about Che’s comments. While there are many who believe Chris Rock crossed a line, there are yet others who believe that violence was not the key to the situation

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