“So Much More Than Gymnast”- Simone Biles Opens Up on How Stepping Back Changed People’s Perspective About Her

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Simone Biles is not only an inspiration because she is the most decorated gymnast ever, but also because at every point in her life, she has stayed true to herself. As an athlete and as a person, she has always prioritized what’s best for her rather than what the world wants her to do. It’s her strong will and attitude that differentiates her from others.

Since the announcement of her engagement around Valentine’s Day this year, Simone is busy with her wedding planning as, hopefully, the special day might be somewhere near.

Simone Biles

Simone Biles shares important life lessons with young kids

While talking to Ciara Lucas in a Girls on the run event, Simone shared some valuable insights about her philosophy of mental health. She said, “I feel like for so many years I have just been defined as a gymnast, but once I took that stand at the Olympics and stepped back to take care of my mental well being I was looked at as so much more than gymnast so much more than gold medals and that really resonated with me and it made me feel really good.”


The Olympic champion further added, “I urge all the kids out there to do the same if you are not feeling up to the part that day. It’s okay to sit back, let your teammates do it and you just go in and cheer and learn and you grow. “

Simone Biles

The girl who chose herself

The Olympic champion is an advocate of mental health from the very beginning. In fact, she often teaches young athletes about how important it is to always make yourself a priority. Simone gives very sound advice because the legend talks out of experience and knows what impact mental health can have on an athlete’s performance.

She has forever been a fighter and will continue to be the same. No one and nothing can affect the free-spirited Simone Biles.

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