Simone Biles Shows Off Her Second Engagement Ring

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Bride-to-be Simone Biles is seemingly still on cloud nine after getting engaged to NFL player Jonathan Owens on Feb 15. We are still unclear about when exactly the two plan to make it official and jump the broom, but the superstar gymnast wants to make sure her ring stays in tip-top shape.

In an Instagram story, Biles gave fans a glimpse at her second ring, which is often called a decoy ring.

She captioned the video, “Okay HOW CUTE. So I can [work out] & not damage my engagement ring.”

Simone Biles


If this ring is indeed the one made by brand Casual Carats, it’s functional while still allowing for flash. It’s made with a silicone band but has a 14K yellow, rose gold or white tubing and an actual diamond in the center. Casual Carats rings can have multiple diamond settings, which is why their prices range from $225 to $1495.

Simone Biles

As an athlete, Biles likely spends a lot of time exercising and training, so a second ring totally makes sense. In case you didn’t know, diamond rings can chip, bruise, or fracture. Diamonds can even fall out of their settings! Biles’ actual engagement ring is an oval-shaped diamond that was custom made by her husbae-to-be and was designed by ZoFrost & Co.

The athletic couple dated for for two years before getting engaged. Biles told a friend after just one date that she knew Owens was the one. She revealed this during an Instagram Q&A while responding to a fan who asked, “How did you know your fiancé was the one?”

She responded, “So fun fact, the day after I met Jonathan, I told my best friend Rachel that I am going to marry him…I just knew!”

For those who have worn an engagement ring, you probably know how naked your finger feels without it. If you want to keep your ring safe and minimize the risk of it getting lost or damaged while still keeping something on your ring finger, take a page out of Biles’ book and use a cute decoy.

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