‘Very Complicated for a Three-Year Old’ – Serena Williams Passes on the Tennis Gene to Daughter Olympia

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Serena Williams is the definition of a complete woman. The American tennis ace is a hit in tennis as she already has 23 Grand Slams under her name. Further, she is an established businesswoman, along with being a loving wife and a doting parent. Williams got married to Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, in the year 2017. Thereafter, she welcomed her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

Although Serena never intended to impose tennis on her, Olympia seems to inherit her mother’s liking for the game.

She recently shared a video of her coaching and giving instructions to the three-year-old.

serena williams

Serena Williams Is a Coach Now

Williams is still in the game. However, she has taken a side profession of shaping Olympia’s future in tennis. In the recent clip, Serena seems to follow in her father’s footsteps in coaching her daughter as she says, “You know what grandpa taught me? So first thing you do is turn- back-reach-hand- follow through. That’s very complicated for a three-year-old, but you might get it.”

The former world no.1 taught her daughter the basics of tennis. Followed by instructions on how to stretch along with practicing a few warm-up exercises, and some primal shots of the game, such as forehand.

serena williams

Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams are taking every action in order to secure their daughter’s future. Be it giving her training in tennis or stocking some business ventures under her name, Olympia’s parents are doing their absolute best to forge an excellent future for their daughter.

Recently, she became a co-owner of the Angel city football club. Angel city football club is a national women’s soccer league expansion based in Los Angeles. Further, the team was announced in the year 2020 with the backing of some major investments from Natalie Portman, Becky G, and, of course, Alexis Ohanian on behalf of Olympia. They will start playing in the summer of this year.

Speaking about Serena, she has sidelined her game for quite some time now. However, she recently hinted at a comeback in the upcoming Wimbledon championship. Though she is yet to make a formal announcement of the same.

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