“We Need Full Details”- Fans Have an Adorable Reaction to Surprise Appearances in Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens’ Recent Picture

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Just when fans thought Simone Biles is at home, she is back again with another photo drop. The champion gymnast went out on a date with Jonathan Owens on Sunday evening. Dressed in fiery red, the athlete looked ferocious. She took to her Twitter and Instagram to post pictures of her date night with her soon-to-be husband.

However, it is her bulldogs that caught the attention of fans. Notably, Biles is proud to call herself a “Dog Mom” and showers her two bulldogs with love and affection. Moreover, Jonathan too has a bulldog of his own, and their shared love for dogs is one of the first things they bonded over.

simone biles

Who is that behind Simone and Jonathan?

Simone Biles has always publicly shared her love for her two dogs. They are her support and pillars of strength and always help her get through a bad day. Notably, they are a very important part of her life.
simone biles

Currently, she owns a pair of French bulldogs named Lilo and Rambo. These are the very bulldogs that fans spotted behind the couple in their recent photo. Fans were very interested to know more about them and flooded the comment section.


“Good for you two, but tell me more about the dogs in the background,” commented a fan. I could see Lilo and Rambo chasing each other in Biles’ yard.


“The doggos in the background are living their best life.”


Moreover, Biles has also talked about how her dogs helped her cope with the unfortunate situation of the pandemic

Simone Biles reveals how her dogs helped her cope with the pandemic and more

Previously, Biles has opened up about the role her dogs play in her life. They are not only her best friends, but also her biggest motivators.

“After a busy week or trip, I love coming home because my dogs are over-the-top excited to see me,” said Biles. She loves to hang out with them. In addition, she also has a great relationship with Jonathan Owens’ bulldog Zeus.


Simone also has a page dedicated to her French babies called “thebilesfrenchies”. While Lilo is 5 years old, Rambo is 2 years old.

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