‘Roger Federer doesn’t get disturbed when…’, says top journalist

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Swiss tennis great Roger Federer teamed up with Hollywood star Anne Hathaway to film a tourist spot about his native country. In the ad, Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, plays the title role alongside Hathaway. As Federer and Hathaway team up to create an advertisement for Switzerland Tourism, the commercial ends with a statement: “Anne and Roger learned the hard way that no one outshines the Swiss Grand Tour.”

In a second Instagram post, Federer wrote: “BTS with @annehathaway working on our ‘masterpiece’ It’s been fun.” This was the second time Federer has appeared in an advertisement for Switzerland Tourism.

Previously, the Swiss tennis great starred alongside Robert de Niro in the “No Drama” ad. This week, Federer shared a positive update on his recovery by posting a training photo on Instagram and captioning it: “Rehab is great.”

Federer, 40, underwent a third knee operation last August. Although nothing is official yet, Federer is expected to return sometime in the 2022 season. In his annual report, Federer confirmed that he plans to make his comeback: “After many months of battling injuries, my return to the tour in March, after my first operation, motivated and energized me to continue my tennis career.”

Roger Federer

King Roger will be back in late summer

Roger Federer’s future in the sport has been a topic of conversation for a long time now as the Swiss superstar continues to be sidelined with injuries. “I was on the road with him in Argentina, that was in 2012.

It was a great conversation until I suddenly said something about Lenzerheide. Then he stopped and clearly declared: Don’t write where I live! That was interesting because it was such an abrupt change. Roger wants to protect his private life, and he’s done a great job.

He is happy to answer any questions, talk about the game. But when it comes to this area, it is more sensitive,” Clarey added. Clarey also revealed the Swiss doesn’t get disturbed when he’s in his country as the fans residing there are appreciative of his privacy.

“But of course he needs his private time to regain his strength. In Switzerland, people accept that too. If he lived in Argentina or Italy, it would be more difficult. His manager Tony Godsick once told me: When Roger walks around in Zurich, he is hardly disturbed.

And if so, then not by Swiss, but by tourists. I also met him two or three times in Switzerland, so it was the same,” Clarey said.

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