Simone Biles teases wedding dress

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Simone Biles has chosen the “complete opposite” to what she expected for her wedding dress.

The 24-year-old gymnast is planning her nuptials to Jonathan Owens after they got engaged in February and she recently enjoyed a “fun” day shopping for her dream gown with her mom and best friend, and she surprised herself with the outfit she chose.

She said: “I had my best friend and my mom there and then once we found the dress, we did FaceTime Jonathan’s mom so that she could see it. But it was just a very, close tight knit group. I didn’t show all my friends because we still wanted it to be special for everybody.

Simone Biles

“It was something I didn’t think I would go with, which was so crazy because I came in with a list of my likes, what I want it to look like and then I kind of did the complete opposite of that. But it was a fun experience. I really enjoyed it.”

While she’s chosen her dress, Simone and Jonathan haven’t yet set a date for their big day, though they know it will be some time next year during a break from the NFL season.

She told E! News: “Obviously, our moms are both helping us, which is super exciting. The biggest thing is trying to lock down a date and solidifying the guest list. So, that’s where we’re at right now, but we definitely know that it’ll be sometime next year during his off-season.

“We have some of my teammates that I’d be inviting. But other than that, it’s really close family, friends and people that have watched us grow throughout our relationship and will share that love on that day.”

And though the couple have a dream honeymoon destination in mind, they’re not likely to jet off for their first vacation as husband and wife until some time after the wedding.

Asked about their honeymoon plans, Simone said: “We’re just focusing on the wedding and trying to get through that first. But obviously we know where we want to do it, we just don’t know timing because his season is a pretty long one. [We’ll] probably wait some time.”

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