Why Is Serena Williams A Great Role Model? Find Out

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Serena Williams is a great tennis player, a wealthy entrepreneur, and an outstanding fashion designer all rolled into one human being reared in Compton, but what truly distinguishes her is her ability to remain true to herself.

You don’t have to go much farther than the way she dresses, particularly during Grand Slams: it’s distinctive, inspirational, and occasionally controversial. Serena Williams never fails to set the trend and express herself, from tutus to her 2018 French Open catsuit and her 2019 ‘goddess’ suit emblazoned with the words ‘Mother, Queen, and Champion’ in French.

Serena Williams

According to performance psychologist Mindy Simpson, the ability to inspire others while not allowing other people’s opinions to have a significant impact on your actions is a “vital talent.” “We watch athletes see what they do, how they conduct themselves in tough situations, and how they perform when they win and lose.”

And we can do the same for ourselves. For Australian Women’s Health, Simpson stated, “We may look at their behaviour and think, ‘Hey, I want to be like that.” You would think it’s simple for Serena Williams to make a statement since she’s so well-known, but don’t forget that it’s her inner strength that has propelled her to where she is now.

“Being bold and not caring what others say is difficult, since many of us do.” However, if you can adopt that mentality, it will greatly benefit you in terms of success and performance in life. It’s crucial to live your own life rather than someone else’s.” According to Women’s Health, Alex Kingsmill, life coach and director of Upstairs Coaching, Serena Williams kicked off the year with a bang, winning Auckland at the age of 38, and now we’re all waiting to see how she performs in the Australian Open.

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