“Made Me Feel Powerful”- Fans Are in Absolute Awe of Simone Biles X Athleta Collection

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Simone Biles has always been an Athleta lover and now, after her collaboration with the brand, it carries even greater meaning for her. The gymnast has been an inspiration for millions of people. She is an icon who everyone wishes to emulate. Though it’s not just another athlete-brand collaboration. For Simone, it’s her voice to reach out to the people who seek inspiration.

The Olympic champion Simone Biles is a long-time Athleta user, and she always wished for a personal touch with the brand. However, what really makes this collection special? The fact that it has been specifically designed for girls between 6 to 12. According to Simone, she wants to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams and get rid of all their insecurities.

Simone Biles

Girls are loving Simone Biles x Athleta collection

There have been a series of advertisements by young girls showing their brand new Athleta clothes. Furthermore, in the videos, young girls are also revealing what value the collection is providing them personally. Judging by the response, most of the customers seem to be more than happy with the collaboration and they are loving Simone Biles’ collection.

A girl revealed that “the outfits made her feel most powerful.” Since it’s a collection by one of the most decorated gymnasts ever, it only makes sense.

The ads for the Biles x Athleta collection are trending all over social media. The young girls are sharing their experiences of the brand and what makes it so special. Some are even sharing their personal favorite quotes by the gymnastics legend.

It seems like all her efforts are actually making people happy and it is making a difference.

Simone Biles

What made Simone come up with this collection?

Simone Biles is someone who deeply feels and understands what it’s like to live with insecurities and challenges. She knows the pressure, expectations, and stress that comes along with being the best at what you do. In such moments, even the simplest of words become a great motivation and hence she came up with the idea of the collection. To inspire and motivate young girls when they feel all alone and lost.


Simone further revealed, “We have hidden love notes which are little mantras so you have that little Simone on your shoulder…and I think that’s what makes being a role model for me so fun.”

Have you got yourself anything out of the collection yet?

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