John Daly, funny episode about Tiger Woods

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John Daly told a funny episode about Tiger Woods

tiger woods

John Daly, statements
Before a win in the Target World Challenge early in the 21st century, Daly got some drinks in and offered Woods to join in, but he declined. “Two hours later he comes back….

‘Hey, you gonna have a drink with us now?’ He goes, ‘Nah I’m gonna go get my gym shorts on and go work out. Three hours later he comes back, I’m in to my third bottle of Crown, I’m wasted, we’re all just wasted but we’re having a good time”.

Daly added that he and Woods were paired together the next day. “He’s looking at me the whole day, I got drinks coming down, people bringing me drinks on the golf course. I was just making him think they were drinks”.

He certainly does not go unnoticed: the 42-year-old Californian is 1.80 tall for almost 130 kg of weight and always shows off his beautiful bump raised by alcohol, barely held back by the colored t-shirts. But he is not only a big man, he is also a very particular man, if we want to put it mildly, one who says “caffeine plus nicotine equals protein” and who has a swing all his own.

tiger woods

Everything about him is exaggerated: the eaten to bursting, the liters of beer and alcohol swallowed, the tobacco smoked (often on the green), the married women (4) and the power of his drive at 320 meters; mix everything together and you will have in front of your eyes a loose cannon golfer, a crazy variable who can win at any moment with any opponent, if it is in the day.

He otherwise he will make a fool and maybe he will say that the rule of the cut after two laps is a bitch in front of the cameras. With a large salary he will be at the starting line of the Methorios Capital Italian Open, from 8 to 11 May 2008 (with free admission), anything could happen or nothing could happen, this unpredictability makes him fearful.

He could do a good Albatross (-3 on the hole) in the par 5, he could indulge in memorable skits, let’s just hope he won’t attack anyone or show up drunk on the pitch as has already happened …
Wasted talent? Yes, Daly from “sober” won two majors namely the US PGA Championship in 1991, when he was just a professional and the Open Championship, in 1995 in the playoffs against Costantino Rocca plus five US PGA Tours.

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