Simone Biles Partners With Snapchat for Own Reality Show and the Name Couldn’t Have Been Any Better

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Being one of the best gymnasts ever, Simone Biles has a lot of stories to be told. Her journey has been full of moments that may inspire others to pursue their dreams. She could motivate people to become the best versions of themselves. In the light of the same, the Olympic champion has collaborated with the leading social media platform Snapchat for a new project.

Simone Biles

Simone Biles is quite busy these days with all the wedding planning going on since her engagement with the Houston Texans star, Jonathan Owens. She has already decided upon her wedding dress. However, the date of the wedding remains under the curtains. Though judging by the ongoing preparations, the special day seems to be somewhere near.
Simone Biles will feature in a Snap Original
Besides Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the photo-sharing app Snapchat is one of the most prominent social media platforms on the planet. A lot of youngsters and teenagers are pretty much absorbed in the app. Thus, for Simone, it’ll be a challenge to inspire so many young minds. Snapchat has announced its Snap Originals shows for the season, and Simone Biles will be sharing her story in one of them.

The show has been named ‘Daring Simone Biles’ and it’ll revolve around her journey in the field of gymnastics. Through the show, the audience will also get a chance to be acquainted with Biles’ other hobbies like beekeeping and DJing.

Simone Biles

Apart from the gymnast, some other big social media names will also feature in the Snap Originals. The most prominent of all is the TikTok superstar sister-duo Dixie and Charli D’Amelio. Though this will be their second time on the show. Another show, Reclaim(ed), will highlight the indigenous culture of Canada with hosts Marika Sila and Kairyn Potts.

Snap Originals will also include a documentary by the name Run For Office and another show La’Ron in a Million. However, the main feature of this season would be the Olympic champion, Simone Biles.

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