Simone Biles Shares a Powerful Message for Young Girls in the Latest Athleta Commercial

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The best part about being a superhero gymnast like Simone Biles is that you can inspire millions of people. Though, it does not always have to be with medals and great achievements. Sometimes a couple of simple words can also do the trick. When Simone collaborated with Athleta, it was her way of making people comfortable in their own skin, and, so far, it has proven to be a great gesture.

Simone Biles

Simone Biles’ Athleta collection is trending on every social media platform. Young girls are posting videos and sharing their experiences with the brand. However, since the brand has got the celebrity appeal of a legend gymnast, most of the customers are absolutely loving it. Of course, who doesn’t wish to be like Simone Biles?

The new advertisement for the Simone’s Athleta collection is finally here
If there’s one thing besides gymnastics, that Simone is really good at, it’s connecting with people. That’s what she aims to achieve with her new Athleta collection. To inspire young girls to pursue their dream, to be confident in who they are, and to make them believe that they can achieve everything in life.

In the advertisement, Simone gives a powerful message as the screen shows a perfect montage of young girls trying out different things. The voice-over by the Olympic champion says, “No I can’t. I can’t limit myself. I can’t keep quiet. I have to try. I have the power to make anything happen. And I will, because I can.”

Introducing her own collection was always a thought in Simone’s mind. However, it was a kind of a big step for the gymnastic legend. Sharing how she landed up with the idea, she revealed, “We have hidden love notes which are little mantras so you have that little Simone on your shoulder…and I think that’s what makes being a role model for me so fun.”

Simone has always been a role model, not just for athletes but for everyone who dreams of something. She is the living embodiment of the fact that being who you are should be your utmost priority. And once you do that, the world will automatically revolve around you.

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