‘Don’t Want to Mess That Up’ – Alexis Ohanian Miraculously Unveils a Mesmerizing Serena Williams’ French Open Celebration

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Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian are very active on social media. The power couple tied the knot in November 2017 and are parents to a daughter Olympia. Notably, the Williams sisters and Alexis never shy away from an opportunity to show love for each other on social media. Being popular figures, they enjoy a huge fan following and keep their fans engaged and updated about their lives.

Serena Williams

Alexis has shown his love for the family frequently on the platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Alexis keeps posting the cute moments and memories with his wife and daughter. In a similar post, the Reddit cofounder posted a video on Instagram, unboxing Classic Netpro new edition trading cards.

Alexis Ohanian Pulls Out Serena Williams’ Card in the First Draw

Trading cards can be quite valuable. And for tennis, trading cards are rarely available, making them more valuable. However, the 39-year-old was lucky enough to get a pack of 500 cards. Before unboxing, he mentioned that there are three cards from the family inside the pack.

One each for Serena and Venus and one card for the Williams sisters. Although the names on the card were listed behind the package, Alexis wanted to pull out a Serena Williams card in his first draw. Surprisingly, the Reddit cofounder pulled the exact card he was looking for. The excitement and joy on his face was remarkable, as the card had a beautiful picture of Serena Williams’ celebration at the French Open.


“Oh, it’s promising. We did it. Oh, look at that. I am so pleased that I don’t want to mess that up.” he said. While carefully packing up the card he drew.

The former world number 1 has been away from tennis for quite some time now. She last played in the Wimbledon 2021. Further, she sustained a hamstring injury. Given her age and a long gap from the tour, there were many speculations regarding her return and even retirement.

serena williams

However, the 40-year-old has quashed all the rumors regarding her retirement and even hinted at a comeback later in this year’s Wimbledon. Her return to the game is highly anticipated. The champion player will extend her record of Grand Slam victories to 24 if she wins the Wimbledon this year.

Although A lot still depends on her fitness and an official confirmation is still to be released. The fans are eagerly waiting for the queen of the court’s return.

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