“My Knee Caps Would Pop Right Out”- Millionaire Hollywood Fame Gave His Inhuman Take On Simone Biles’ Toes

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The way gymnastics GOAT Simone Biles performs her routines on the mat leaves everybody stumped. The speed, the power, the agility in the way she gains momentum and sticks her landings are nothing short of a miracle. She’s so good that there are four moves—on the floor, beam, and vault—named after her.

How does she accomplish such feats of athleticism? Well, ‘Magic Mike’ star Channing Tatum has his own theory.

Simone Biles

Channing Tatum thinks it’s all about the toes
In 2016, after her history-making run at the Rio Olympics, Simone Biles appeared on the Ellen Show on the same day as actor Channing Tatum. Because the two hadn’t met before the interview, Tatum had questions about Biles’ secret to success.

“My theory is that she’s so tiny that she has a harder time holding onto the ground than just going up. Because, she just, I don’t know, she’s just always flying away,” Tatum told Ellen. “I think she’s got really strong toes and that helps her hold on to the ground.”

That’s right. According to the actor, Biles is so light that she’d just keep flying if nothing was anchoring her to the ground. He claims that if it wasn’t for her toes gripping the earth, she’d defy gravity and float away. After all, Biles is famous for the height she gets when up in the air.

“Because it doesn’t make any sense. If I came down with that much force, my knee caps would pop right out of the building,” Tatum continued. He was pretty determined to confirm his theory once he finally met Biles, but Ellen wasn’t sure that would go very well.

Tatum meets Simone Biles
As the show progressed, it was time for Ellen to interview Simone Biles. The gymnast received a fair warning about the possible discussion of her toes. But how she met Tatum was much different.

Ellen was sure that Biles didn’t have the appropriate showcase for her many many medals from Rio. So Channing Tatum, with four Olympic medals dangling from his arms, posed as a medal stand for the gymnast. He was ready to follow her around in that getup!

Biles found the concept of a ‘Channing Tatum’ stand quite hilarious. She even gave the two celebs an Olympic gold medal of their own to wear, like an athlete-version of Oprah. But even with every person on stage wearing one of her medals, she still had two to spare.

Her five-medal victory at Rio further cemented her as the most dominant gymnast of our time. Now with two more medals from Tokyo 2020, Biles is tied with Shannon Miller for the most Olympic medals won by an American gymnast.

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