‘Jr Asked for Princess Peach’ – Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Skips Azerbaijan GP to Fulfill Daughter Olympia’s Wish

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Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, is one of the best business persons in the United States. Despite staying busy with his work, he never skips spending quality time with his daughter Olympia on a daily basis.

In the past, we saw him making some delicious and artistic breakfasts for his daughter. Earlier today, he made another artistic breakfast, which did not quite turn out the way he had hoped. However, Olympia appreciated his father’s effort. As a result, Ohanian prepared another breakfast for Olympia that was even better than before.

Olympia’s love gave Alexis Ohanian the inspiration to prepare a perfect breakfast
According to Ohanian, he did not watch the F1 race today, as he was busy preparing an artistic pancake for his daughter. This time, he made a pancake that looked like Princess Peach. On the first try, he broke the pancake but Olympia showed love and said, “Yummy!! Thank you, daddy.”

After a nice hug from Olympia, Ohanian tried again, and this time it looked pretty much perfect. Earlier, he posted the video on his official Instagram account, and in the caption, he wrote the whole story.

“I refuse to watch the @f1 in Azerbaijan… so we played Mario Kart this morning instead and Jr asked for Princess Peach! (I forgot to start the camera at the beginning) Version 1 didn’t survive the flip, but she was so appreciative that I made a v2 that turned out much better. Moral of this story: your kid’s hugs are powerful motivation,” Ohanian wrote on Instagram.


A few days back, Ohanian made a pizza pancake for Olympia. Before that, he made a Spider-Gwen pancake and many other artistic pancakes.

Serena Williams is currently focusing on her family

Ohanian already gave credit to his lovely wife, Serena Williams, during his pancake-making process. Safe to say, Serena has been spending a lot of time with her family and daughter during her time away from the tennis court. Since sustaining a hamstring injury last year at the Wimbledon, she has not played in any tournaments. During this time, she has been holidaying and going on a date with her daughter, and doing plenty of other stuff.

Now, we don’t have any update regarding Serena’s return on the tour. Even though she talked about returning to Wimbledon, she did not enter her name. Her fans are currently hoping for a surprise return, possibly at Wimbledon via a wildcard entry.

Serena williams

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serena williams and alexis

serena williams and alexis

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