“Might Have to Sneak Out”- Young Simone Biles Opened Up on Parents’ Scare About Moving Out

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Most children move out of their parent’s house once they reach adulthood. Parents look forward to their children having the independence to move out. However, it can also be difficult for the parents to watch their children leave. Simone Biles, too, shared a similar scenario during a chat show.

When a child transitions into adulthood, they also become financially stable to afford their place. But finance is the least of one’s worries while moving alone into a new home.

What were the views of Simone Biles on moving out of her parent’s house?
Running a household also requires basic skills, including cooking, cleaning, and more importantly, time management. One needs to be efficient at time management. It helps them divide the time between professional work and house chores.

Decorated gymnast Simone Biles once made a guest appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ after the star performer turned 20. As the show began, Ellen DeGeneres asked the gymnast if she had plans to move out of the house.

To this, Biles responded, “Yes, if my parents allow it, that is, of course.” Then DeGeneres jokingly adds, “You’re 20, they may want you out, you don’t know.”

Simone Biles

Laughing, the seven-time Olympic medalist replied, “Yeah, no, they don’t though, so if they don’t let me out, I just might have to sneak out in the middle of the night.” Hearing this, DeGeneres asked the gymnast if she had ever lived alone before. And Biles responded with a confident “No.”

Curious to know more, the host asked Biles the list of things the Olympian would need to learn if she wanted to live alone in the future. “I need to learn how to cook, pay bills, do laundry,” the GOAT answered. The then 20-year-old Biles added that she would also need a roommate. “I’m scared of the dark,” Biles revealed.

During the episode, there was also a surprise waiting for Biles. And the surprise was right next to the athlete throughout the show, albeit hidden. By that time, almost everyone was aware of Biles’ crush on actor Zac Efron.

Simone Biles

But on the show, the actor, whom DeGeneres had already mentioned as a “prankster,” was hiding in plain sight, in a box right next to the gymnast. Just as the host establishes his fondness for jokes, the star actor sprang up from the box with a scream, scaring Biles. The actor then makes a quick exit from the set of the show.

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