‘Roger Federer is someone that is difficult to…’, says ATP ace

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The 2022 of the young Spanish talent Carlos Alcaraz has been very important so far. The Iberian athlete has shown his great talent, doing well on both cement and clay. However, so far Carlos has shown some shortcomings in the Grand Slam tournaments, where he has not made it past the quarterfinals.

For a ‘normal’ athlete they would still represent a great result, but the Murcian has the ‘stigmas’ of the predestined and these results in his case even border on normality. In Paris, many expected a semi-final against Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal (we already know how it went), but Alcaraz surrendered in quite surprising fashion in the quarter-finals, succumbing in four sets to Germany’s Alexander Zverev.

Roger Federer

The tennis player has suffered elbow problems in recent days and therefore has withdrawn from the Queen’s tournament. For this reason, Alcaraz will probably arrive at Wimbledon unprepared and the Spaniard said goodbye to Queen’s with the following message: “I have resigned from Queen’s due to an elbow problem, but I am already thinking about Wimbledon, about recovering my elbow in the best possible way and preparing for Wimbledon.

I hope to bring joy to all Murcians.” In the last few hours, the social world has posted some videos of Alcaraz training on a ‘new’ surface like grass, and the talented Spaniard, in an act at El Pozo, said the following about the next important tournament: “Winning Wimbledon Of course I think it’s possible, I work every day to achieve results or rather dreams like that.

Everyone remembers well, in that tournament, the 2008 final between Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer, one of the best matches in history. They are historical matches and I also think and hope to arrive and play these challenges.”

Federer wants to play again
Tsitsipas expressed his immense admiration for Roger Federer and described playing with Federer as a “never in a lifetime scenario.” “I have a lot of respect for him. I enjoyed just watching him on TV.

Probably hitting with him on a tennis court would have been a never-in-a-lifetime scenario. When I first faced him, I was about to serve and I was thinking, ‘Roger is on the other side of the net’ He is my childhood hero.

This is beyond unimaginable. He is someone that is difficult to believe he’s real. It’s incredible what he has done with all his records and the game-style,” Tsitsipas said. “Yeah, I quite miss him. He’s a very charming person. You know, everyone loves him,” said Tsitsipas.

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