VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Subtly Trolls Famous Journalist for Sleeping During His Press Conference

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Rafael Nadal is one of the greatest players of all time. Considering his aura, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that his presence in tournaments is highly anticipated. A similar kind of anticipation is seen within the tennis community for his press conferences as well. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with seasoned Italian journalist, Ubaldo Scanagatta.

Going back in time, in 2019, Nadal was playing at the Australian Open. Following his first round, the Spaniard headed towards the press conference. While things looked fine till this point, the media room busted out laughing when Nadal caught Ubaldo sleeping. Known for his humor, the 22-time Grand Slam champion took utmost advantage of the situation, making a hilarious mock at the journalist.

Nadal wakes up a sleeping journalist during his press conference

Ubaldo Scanagatta is one of the most well-known tennis journalists. Having an experience of more than 50 years, the manager and editor of the Italian tennis website, UBITENNIS, has covered close to 150 Grand Slam tournaments. Having interviewed almost every major player, Ubaldo shares a bond with them, which is undoubtedly much more than a journalist-entity bond.

However, these facts didn’t stop Ubaldo from taking a quick nap during Rafael Nadal‘s 2019 Australian Open press conference. The incident started with Nadal catching Ubaldo sleeping during the press conference. Taking a hilarious dig, the Spanish sensation said, “It’s not interesting today.”

Waking up because of everyone’s laugh, a rather embarrassed Ubaldo clarified his stance, asserting it was because of jetlag. However, with the ball in his court, Nadal further took a dig, saying, “Buongiorno, Ubaldo.”

Trying to clarify himself further, Ubaldo apologized to Rafa and asserted that he was waiting for the Spanish part. However, the clarification didn’t seem to make much of a difference, as Nadal had already worn his humor cap by that time. Taking a mock on the Italian journalist, Nadal further said, “I know you were focused on. Closing your eyes to be more focused on what I’m saying.”


Rafael Nadal in 2022

While it has been more than three years since the incident took place, it continues to be one of the most hilarious moments of Nadal’s press conferences. Jumping three years ahead, the Spaniard has been in scintillating form since the start of the year.

Following his triumph at the Australian Open and the French Open, Nadal is now heading to the 2022 Wimbledon Championship, eyeing his 3rd Grand Slam title of the year. However, with his foot issues in place, it would be interesting to see whether the Spaniard can overcome his difficulties and write his name in the history books.

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