Max Homa Sounds Off – Latest LIV, Future PGA Goals

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Max Homa has vocalized his reasons for staying on the PGA Tour, on the No Laying Up podcast on Wednesday.

Homa said the chance to play in the President’s Cup and the Ryder Cup is what gets him up in the morning. He also countered the argument that says PGA play for trophies and LIV Golfers play for money, because the PGA guys ‘play for a lot of money’.

Homa is able to use his social media accounts, particularly Twitter, to make his voice heard. His ‘roast my swing’ videos shot him to twitter fame, as amateur golfers would send him an array of golfing footage in the hope of a sarcastic response.

Homa had said that he wishes for a bigger, official platform. He explained that not many pros get the chance to speak openly at press conferences, they are reserved for the game’s stars like Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy.

It is a good point, because at the minute, Rory McIlroy is shouldering a lot of the responsibility for speaking up abut the PGA Tour, and it is an unfair burden to bear. Especially considering the fact he lives close to recent LIV signing Brooks Koepka, and has been competing head-to-head with him at majors over the last half a decade. The two are probably pretty close, and Homa reiterated that the media are trying to get Rory to talk trash about Koepka.

Max Homa

Homa also mentioned tournaments on the PGA Tour schedule that he always looks forward to, which is exactly what the PGA Tour needs. I wrote over a month ago about how the PGA needs players and caddies to explain why they want to stay, not just why they don’t want to go. It is now a rivalry where both Tours are having to sweeten the pot to keep a hold of their remaining clients. The idea is that the Tours work for the players remember, not the other way around.

It was refreshing to hear. Homa demonstrated his love for events like the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, among other tournaments that he grew up watching and now gets excited to compete in. It would be good to get the guy in front of a microphone. For one, it take the pressure off Rory and co. who have been selected as the big hitters for the all anti-LIV golf headlines.

Secondly, Max Homa can speak for the lesser known Tour pro. Despite rocketing up the rankings recently and securing his first two PGA Tour wins this season, (as well as four top 10 finishes), he has been through the grueling qualifying events and toyed with the hopes of a future President’s & maybe even Ryder Cup place. The main takeaway from his comments was that you can buy a tour, but you can’t buy goals and dreams.

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