“Will Never Happen Again”- Despite Her Horrifying Experience Simone Biles Encouraged Parents to Send Kids to Gymnastics

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People who closely follow the life of gymnast Simone Biles know her opinions and inclinations. Moreover, she never shies away from speaking her mind on issues that she feels need to be addressed.

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Simone Biles addresses the issues pertaining to gymnastics

Biles had a conversation with Moira Forbes as a part of the Forbes Power Women’s Summit in 2020. The organizers conducted the summit digitally from the safety of everyone’s homes due to the global pandemic.

During the event, Biles addressed various issues pertaining to gymnastics. It included coping with the stress of the pandemic, emphasis on mental health, and the postponing of the Tokyo Olympics. Additionally, she also tackled some of the issues that are still prevalent in the sport of gymnastics.

The athlete has been vocal about issues that she strongly relates to in the past. Moreover, she never backs down from speaking against social injustices. People have witnessed this trait of the gymnast many times, and she continues to do so.

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So, during the summit, Biles did not refrain from making a few observations about gymnastics. At one point, Forbes asked the two-time Olympian about her role in bringing changes in the sport. She also asked how Biles’ influence to hold the “sport accountable in terms of issues and power abuses.”

Reflecting on previous challenges, the seven-time Olympic medalist said, “I hope that anybody whoever signs up for gymnastics truly feels comfortable with entering their kids in the sport. And they are certain what happened to some of us athletes will never happen again and that’s the hope that I leave. And that the kids will find the joy that I’ve had and I’ve loved doing it for years.”

During the event, Moira Forbes also asked the athlete about the aspects that her fans should draw from her career. To this, Biles replied, “No dream is too big so remember to write down your goals because you always see the bigger picture in the end. But there are little puzzle pieces that will fit into that bigger piece that you need to navigate.”

The gymnast has had some very traumatic experiences during her competitive career. It has led to her developing mental health issues. However, Biles has always been publicly vocal about these issues.

She is also trying to bring about positive changes to the sport. She is also actively working towards implementing and enhancing the safety of female gymnasts in the sport. It has led to various disagreements with the national governing body of the sport.

But she is a firm believer in the values that her sport upholds. And she is trying to make the sport a safe field for other women and future gymnasts.

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