“People Were Pissed Off”- Simone Biles Once Felt Embarrassed for Winning Four Gold Medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics

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This generation’s athletes have spoiled the audience as they have made winning medals at the Olympics look so easy, resulting in unreal expectations every time they step out to compete. Even winning 8 gold medals during an Olympics has been made a reality. While fans expect so much from the athletes, they often forget about the mental toll it takes on them. Not being able to live up to people’s expectations often downplays an athlete’s achievements. Olympic champion gymnast Simone Biles once faced a similar incident.

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The record-breaking 24-year-old gymnast, who had a lot of expectations on her shoulders, made the revelation during an interview as she geared up for the Tokyo Olympics.

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Simone Biles revealed she felt ashamed as she ruined people’s headlines

The extra year of preparation and waiting for the Olympics took a heavy toll on Simone Biles. The gymnast thought of quitting the sport which she had dominated ever since she started competing. Biles admitted she cried upon hearing the news and even questioned her commitment to gymnastics. The question was not just a consequence of the postponement, but also of something that happened during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Simone Biles stood at the top of the podium in Brazil on four occasions, with the brightest of smiles on her face. But there was more than meets the eye. Focusing on how she could not please others, she said, “Everybody had such high expectations for me that at the end of the day, I feel like it didn’t matter what I did, as long as I satisfied everybody around me.”

She added, “I was so happy that I even medaled because of the mistake that I had, but I felt so ashamed because people were pissed off that I ruined their (headline) of five gold medals.” Such was the pressure on the then-teenage gymnast.

Biles got back up and started training again. After initially struggling with the lockdown, she took a break to reconnect with herself. Going a year without competing was a novel experience for her, but it wasn’t as tough as not being happy with herself for winning four gold medals instead of five.

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Biles’ future plans in gymnastics

Having been away from the sport for over a year, doubts loom over her future on the floor. While many people believe Simone Biles is ready to say goodbye to the sport, she says she wants to see what more is she capable of.

Age-wise, Simone has always been a little off. Biles could not compete at the 2012 London Games as she was three months too young to take part. Now, at 24, Biles is considered the ‘old woman at a children’s park.’ She is chasing the elusive top prize of the individual all-around event.

Notably, the oldest athlete to win the title in the last 50 years was 20-year-old Simona Amanar. The Romanian gymnast achieved the feat during the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

If she makes a comeback and qualifies for the Olympics, Simone Biles will be 27 during the Paris Games in 2024.

Set to marry her boyfriend Jonathan Owens in 2023, Biles says she is happy with where she is. Only time will tell if Simone will make a comeback to her sport or if her marriage will bring a conclusion to her career.

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