Rafael Nadal habits: Why does tennis star change his shirt so much? His rituals explained

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Rafael Nadal has numerous habits and rituals that have become synonymous with the Spanish tennis star. Here’s why Rafa is so often spotted lining up his water bottles, tugging at his tape, and changing his shirt.

Rafael Nadal has a number of in-game rituals that have helped him to become an all-time tennis great. He’s often seen changing his shirt between games, as well as lining up his water bottles before stepping out onto the court.

Rafael Nadal has been a professional tennis player for more than 20 years, winning 92 titles along the way.

He stormed to victory in this year’s Australian Open, coming back from two sets down to Daniil Medvedev.

The Spaniard has adopted a number of superstitious tactics to help him reach dazzling heights throughout his career.

Some fans have even been questioning why Nadal regularly changes his top during matches.

Rafael Nadal

Why does Rafael Nadal change his shirt so often?
The former world No 1 has admitted he sweats a lot during matches, which is why he’s constantly changing tops.

Wearing sweaty tops makes him feel cold, so he’d quite happily change into a fresh shirt and stick a jacket on while waiting.

“I don’t want to get cold,” Nadal previously explained. “That’s the reason.”

“Maybe the other players are not sweating as much as I do, so I cannot stay during all the interviews, everything, having sign autograph for the fans for 10 minutes or that with the same t-shirt.”

Nadal has previously admitted he feels more self-assured during matches after completing his rituals.

“Each [player] has to find their way of concentrating. There is no absolute formula,” he said.

“I would like not to have them, I am not hiding, but tennis is such a mentally aggressive sport that anything external I was able to distract. I always do it and I don’t always get it.

“It works for me and they make me focus while I compete. I feel more sure of myself.”

All of Nadal’s rituals
* Walking on court with a single racket in hand
* Crosses back line with his right foot first, avoiding touching it
* Turns tournament ID face up after arriving on court
* Makes opponents and umpire wait before warm-ups
* Takes off jacket while jumping
* Hands recovery drink to ballboy
* Jumps at the net during coin toss
* Cold shower before the match
* Uses the towel after every point
* Lines water bottles and recovery drinks up

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