Tiger Woods’ former mistress will reveal more details of the affair with Woods

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Rachel Uchitel, American nightclub manager, hostess, and TV correspondent, could further destroy Tiger Woods’ life with her book. Uchitel is known for her affair with a famous golfer. She decided to publish a book in which she will also talk about that affair.

That would probably be the most interesting for the readers. Uchitel already talked about the affair with Tiger Woods earlier in the interview for the 2021 HBO documentary. She met him in one of the bars. Woods was direct, texting her and revealing that he wanted to see her again ‘One night I was working at the club and I saw Tiger sipping his drink, talking to nobody,’ she said in the doc, as quoted by dailymail.

Tiger woods Mistress

‘As I went to leave, he took my phone number and the car probably hadn’t even gotten to the light at the corner, he started texting me. ‘He said something like, :When can I see you again?” It was intimidating, this was Tiger Woods.

‘I knew he was married, I knew he had responsibilities. He said, “I want you to fly to Orlando and I’ll come see you there.” ‘


Uchitel previously signed an $8 million NDA, where she promised not to say anything about their affair.

However, things have changed. Rachel feared for her reputation because a lot had already been said about her and Woods, and that is why she decided to reveal all the details publicly. ‘I’ve had it with NDAs. I wanted for once to be the one to narrate my story.

10 years later, people were still talking about me as a player in a story I had never talked about,’ Uchitel said of her decision to speak out in the doc. ‘I felt like it was time to take the reins.’ Her autobiographical book could spoil things even more.

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