Kate Middleton just used this accessory to keep her hair out of her face

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For over a decade now (read: since her engagement to Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge in 2010), we have had every confidence in Kate Middleton’s ability to provide a diverse directory of both fashion and beauty looks, whatever the occasion. Un-doubt-edly.

However, when it comes to the latter, nothing can quite compare to the Duchess of Cambridge’s hair. I mean, we’ve seen everything from Bond girl vibes to bridal updos and even balayage babylights but one style that always seems to reoccur time and time again is the sleek down ‘do. The classics will always reign supreme in our eyes.

And with Wimbledon 2022 well underway, Kate has served up (pun most definitely intended) yet another sophisticated down sleek hairstyle.

Kate Middleton

As we can see from the above images of her locks, K-Mid’s long thick tresses (jealous, much?) have been styled in a side-part with a soft voluminous wave. Our guess is that this is probably her natural hair texture but with some slight preening.

This time though, as much as we love the traditional soft wave, what we’re more preoccupied with is the fact that she has added a fashion accessory that’s main function is to protect your eyes rather than to keep your hair out of your face. Oh, and that’s sunglasses, FYI.

Kate Middleton

Just like us regular folk also do, Kate has pushed her tortoiseshell sunnies up onto her head when not needed on her face. Of course, this is something we all do for convenience but as shown, it also acts as a tool to keep her hair out of her face.

So, if you’re wanting to tame windswept hair, whilst also keeping it down aaaand you’d also like to add a bit of va va voom to your locks, why not try Kate’s trick of wearing your sunglasses on your head?

Kate Middleton

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