Bill Maher names Serena Williams to slam transgender athletes on Mike Tyson’s podcast

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Lately there has been a trend that is blatantly attacking the transgender community, especially from the entertainment industry. Women like Bette Middler or Macy Gray have positioned themselves against the trans people. However, this debate is never as fiery as it is when we are talking about trans athletes.

Both men and women who are transgender are believed to have disadvantages or advantages due to the fact that they were born to a different gender. This was actually exposed by tennis legend Serena Williams back when comedian David Letterman still hosted ‘The Late Show’. She wen’t on to admit men are a lot faster than women and she would lose to another star such as Andy Murray.

Serena williams

Bill Maher echoes what Serena said.

This conversation between Serena and Dave became relevant today again because Bill Maher was just on the Mike Tyson ‘Hotboxin’ podcast. He was directly asked about transgender athletes playing competitive sports and this is what he said: “Obviously Mike, can you imagine going into the ring against a woman with you in your prime? Or even now? It would be a bloodbath. Or playing football, exactly! Men and women are different.

“John McEnroe I think it was who said that if Serena Williams played in the men’s circuit, she would be 700th in the world. And Serene Williams is obviously a powerful and amazing athlete. She even said once that when she played against a man, she didn’t realize. Serene said she hit shots that no woman can get to and he got to them easily. So, obviously, there are differences between men and women. Could we just agree on that?”


Just for the record, we might need to understand who Bill Maher is. He is arguably one of the most controversial comics in history with a history of political commentary shows on HBO and other networks. He is a declared democrat with liberal ideas but he often does unapollogetic rants about a wide variety of topics.

This debate about trans athletes is just another interview question he had to answer on the Mike Tyson podcast. With all the attacks against the trans community right now, this comes as yet another incendiary moment in Bill Maher’s career. How will the trans community respond to this? Will they try to cancel him as they tried to cancel Dave Chappelle?


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