Carlos Alcaraz: “Here is my goal for the end of the season”

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Carlos Alcaraz, after a two-week break after Wimbedon, where he took the opportunity to be able to prepare again for this tournament on clay-courts, he feels confident and ready to take the court. He explained: “I know I’m playing well, I feel very comfortable playing here, always on clay, but it’s always a big challenge to leave the tour on the grass behind and go back to clay.

I trained a couple of days in the Academy and here too, I feel ready to start the tournament in the best possible way, I come here for the title.” On what he learned this season he said: “I learned to play against the best players in the world, in big stadiums and in important moments.

I learned to manage the pressure, to manage the nerves in important matches, I feel much more mature from this point of view. I think that’s why I am where I am now.

Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz: “Here is my goal for the end of the season”
If he aims to be in the top three, he told: “It would be a good goal, but at the moment I’m not thinking about the classification, but about reaching the ATP Finals in Turin at the end of the season.

For me the ranking, at the moment, is not the most important thing, even if I struggle to keep winning games and tournaments, that’s what will lead me to keep climbing.” On the fact that I quickly climbed the ranking: “The truth is that a little bit yes, I have had amazing results this year, I didn’t expect to evolve that fast, but I work for it.

As I always say, hard work pays off, even if in my case it was all a bit quick and
surprising.” The decision to play in Hamburg, he explained: “I talked to Pablo, who won last year’s tournament. Of course I also talked to Juan Carlos, who has played there for many years and played very well here.

I decided to come here because Hamburg is a great tournament, I knew there were going to be great players, so I was sure to play good games from the start. Also, both Pablo and Juan Carlos pointed out to me that it was a beautiful event.

Kuhn in the first round. I know him very well because he is a player who also trained at the Juan Carlos Academy at the time, plus he also played games against my older brother when they were both children.”

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