Serena Williams’ Father ‘King’ Richard’s $1.45 Million Mansion Lands in Huge Trouble as Estranged Wife Reinstates Fresh Battle

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There has been another twist in the story concerning Venus and Serena Williams’ father, Richard Williams’ Florida-based house, Palm Beach Gardens. According to recent news, Richard’s estranged wife, Lakeisha Williams, filed another case trying for the bankruptcy case to be reinstated.

Earlier, Lakeisha filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy case, as the Florida-based house was about to go on auction. After losing that battle, she filed another case just before the house was about to go for sale.

Richard Williams’ estranged wife wants the case reinstated

In 2009, Richard married Lakeisha, his third wife and then filed a divorce in 2017. Even after filing the divorce, Lakeisha continued to stay in the House in Florida. Allegedly, she bought the house from Richard for just $10, which Richard denied. After failing to pay the mortgage, the House was to be auctioned on 18th February this year.

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However, she filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy case just one day before the auction. During the hearing, she asked the judge to give her time to pay the debt, which she could not fulfill. As a result, on July 5, the court dismissed her bankruptcy case and put the house up for sale. After the verdict, she had 14 days to give a response, which she did. Recently, she appealed the court’s decision, as she wants the case to be reinstated. As per her, she now has the money to pay the installments on a monthly basis.

Meanwhile, Richard will still lose the house, either way. Notably, he filed a lawsuit for around $1 million against her estranged wife during the bankruptcy case, which the judge dismissed.

The House where Venus and Serena Williams started their real journey as tennis players

Although both Venus and Serena spent their early childhood in the city of Compton, they moved to Florida to start their real journey as tennis players. In 1995, Venus and Serena’s mother, Oracene, and father, Richard, bought the Palm Beach Gardens for $355,000.

In Florida, both Venus and Serena trained under the Hall of Famer coach, Rick Macci. With Richard, Oracene, and Macci on their side, the Williams Sisters made an immediate impact on the tour. Even though they played very less junior tournaments, Venus reached the US Open final in 1997, at just 17 years old. Two years later, Serena won her first ever Grand Slam title at the US Open.

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