‘Roger Federer will always be the most popular’, says former ace

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Australian tennis player Omar Jasika reveals that he didn’t really have any idols growing up, but adds that Roger Federer was amazing to watch and believes the Swiss is the one who should be considered the greatest tennis player of all time.

Jasika, 25, enjoyed a fairly successful junior career, having won the men’s singles and doubles titles at the 2014 US Open. “I had no idol as such, although I loved watching Federer, he’s amazing.” Jasika said.

When asked to pick the GOAT, Jasika named Federer. “I have to choose Roger,” Jasika answered. Five years ago, Jasika posted a selfie on the practice court with Federer. Before Federer’s final at the 2017 Australian Open, Jasika was given the honor of serving as the Swiss’s warm-up partner.

Jasika was thrilled by the experience, as he captioned his Instagram post: “Nice to warm up with the king before his final tonight. Good luck.” Meanwhile, Federer has not played since Wimbledon 2021 as he is still recovering from knee surgery.

In a recent interview, Federer confirmed that he is focused on giving tennis one last chance. “Time will tell how I want to deal with this, how many times I keep looking for the interest,” Federer told Het Parool.

“Now I think about it sometimes, but not often. My main focus is how to make my return to tennis. I work a lot on it and think about it every day. The feeling you have and how you react after those applause and cheers, I still don’t know in advance.

Novak [Djokovic] also said it: many of us are nervous before such a parade. We don’t do it every day either, we never get used to it. It remains uncertain, while all you have to do is walk around a bit and say a few words.

And I got quite excited, although not everyone has seen it.”

Roger Federer

Muller opens up on King Roger

Gilles Muller, former 21st in the world, including Rafael Nadal in the knockout stages of Wimbledon in 2017, after a crazy match, gave an interview to the Serbian media Sportklub.

He was notably questioned about the treatment of Novak Djokovic by the press and by the public. “I don’t know what the press thinks about it, but it’s a fact that in a number of tournaments you can feel that Rafa or Roger Federer are more popular.

Is it correct ? I don’t know, everyone is free to support whoever they want, but from a tennis point of view, he is with both. I agree: sometimes Novak does not have the respect he deserves,” said the Luxembourger.

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