Roger Federer’s Mikaela Shiffrin fun bit is trending: “Going to let go of your hand!”

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The interview of Roger Federer taken by ski world champion Mikaela Shiffrin at 2018’s Laver Cup went viral again as tennis fans around the world had another good laugh seeing it. The most amusing part is at the end of the interview when Shiffrin, a world-class athlete, shows her nervousness, triggered by standing near an athlete of Roger Federer’s caliber.


Shiffrin talked about the Federer interview

In an interview with CNN, the American skier Mikaela Shiffrin recalled her meeting with Roger Federer during a Barilla event last year in Chicago during the Laver Cup.

Roger federer

“Maybe I got him on a good day, but he was kind, he was engaged with every single person that he spoke to”, admitted Shiffrin. “He was happy and smiley and easy to talk to. He put the effort in to make it easy.

It was so cool for me to see that it’s possible to be an athlete of his caliber and to be more elegant and more generous and nicer than what you expect. To see that he can still maintain this mature and modest attitude, I’m like, ‘What is everybody else doing?’,” said Shiffrin.

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