Simone Biles Quench’s Fans Thirst for Her Gymnastics Moves With an Unbelievable Video of Her Nailing Uneven Bars

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The greatest gymnast of our time, Simone BIles has always wowed the spectators with her gravity-defying skills on every apparatus. Watching her perform high-level routines that dominate the field proves to be a mesmerizing experience.

Unfortunately, ever since Biles went on hiatus following the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the fans have been starved for a glimpse of her skill. Prioritizing her mental health, the gymnast has stayed away from the mat, and her return remains uncertain.

Simone Biles quench

Simone Biles shared an uneven bars video from 2020

The decorated athlete has amassed a huge fan following in her career, and Simone Biles knows that her audience misses watching her perform. Recently, she shared a video clip on her Instagram showing off her moves on the uneven bars. She explained that the video dated back to 2020, so she has not yet restarted her gymnastics training.


Watching her nail the difficult skills just reminded the fans why they hail her as the GOAT. And the reposted clip on Twitter even demanded she challenge the men’s high bar competitions. Interestingly, the uneven bars are the gymnastics legend’s weakest apparatus. But ‘weakest’ for Simone Biles still translates to a silver medal in the event at the 2018 World Championships in Doha.

Adding that silver medal to her arsenal perhaps meant as much to the gymnast as her plethora of golds. “I’ve come a long way (on the bars) and I’m really pleased with the performance I put out today,” said Biles. “I really put the work and the effort in to bring that event up to the same standard as the others.” That year she became the first woman to win six medals at a world championship since Yelena Shushunova of the Soviet Union in 1987.

Why Biles is taking time off from gymnastics

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Simone Biles seemed slated to repeat her astounding Rio medal haul, if not better. The world had its eyes on the young superstar, waiting for the next miracle she would perform.

But mentally exhausted from the pressure, Biles caught a case of the ‘twisties’, a phenomenon that causes gymnasts to lose spatial awareness while in the air. If she went ahead with her planned routines in that state, she could have suffered fatal injuries. So, prioritizing her mental health and safety, the gymnast pulled out of multiple events.


She had to go back to the basics, and with a lower difficulty level, she took part in the balance beam event, bagging a bronze medal. Despite her condition, Biles went home with two medals from Tokyo, a team silver to accompany the bronze.

“If you would have told me like a year ago I’m only walking out of the 2020 Olympics with two medals, I would have cried. But now, I’m just happy. I walked away with two medals I didn’t think we would get, and in one piece,” she said of her results in Tokyo.

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