Carrie Underwood’s Legs Are So Toned In Rhinestone Cut-Off Shorts And Thigh-High Boots In A CMA Fest IG Video

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Carrie Underwood, 39, has the most epic legs in all of country music (and dare we say, of all time?!). The “Ghost Story” singer has been showing them off during performances this summer, singing songs from her new album, Denim and Rhinestones, while rocking lots of, well, denim and rhinestones.

During a performance at this year’s CMA Fest back in June, she stole the show in a pair of black denim cut-offs covered in rhinestones, a sparkly red and black bustier top, and thigh-high boots covered in—you guessed it—rhinestones. And she just posted a new video from the event on her Instagram that has everyone freaking out about how strong her legs are on stage.

“ICYMI, check out Carrie’s performance of #GhostStory from #CMAFest! 💜 -TeamCU,” the video was captioned.


Carrie is really focused on her fitness, and recently she shared her exact leg day workout moves on Instagram via her fitness platform Fit52. The moves include alternating glute kickbacks, bodyweight static lunges, sumo squats with pulse, and plie squats. Phew! That does not sound like a walk in the park.

Carrie is also a fan of ladder workouts, and shared one of her 20 minute go-to routines on Fit52’s IG. The post says that you start with two reps before working up to 14 and then back down to two as you circle through the movements. A personal fave is the “imaginary jump rope” section. That just sounds fun.


Clearly, all that leg work helps keep them super strong and toned. But Carrie also doesn’t forget about her upper body, and shared a “Rock the Boat” TikTok challenge on her IG that showed her doing an impressive amount of pushups and mountain climbers.


She also hones in on her nutrition, and eats a “mostly vegan” diet. In 2020, Carrie told Women’s Health that she eats a lot of veggies and tofu, and works with her longtime friend, nutritionist Cara Clark, to help her fuel up with healthy ingredients.

When she’s starting her day, a typical breakfast includes a tofu or egg-white scramble, Ezekiel toast, berries, and coffee. Lunch is a veggie-packed, vegan sandwich with Tofurky, tomato, avocado, red onion, spinach, and mustard. Dinner is usually roasted veggies and a piece of vegan chicken, or a tofu stir-fry.

And although she doesn’t have a big sweet tooth, she does love wine. “I do have my vice,” Carrie shared, “and it’s red wine. It’s good for my heart, right?!” she said.

Cheers to that, Carrie!

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