Phil Mickelson Once Had a Bold Message For His Arch Rival Tiger Woods Before Their Match: ‘He’ll Have a Bad Memory’

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Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are both equally responsible for giving shape to the sport in the world. The two have been the longest rivals in golf. But there was a time when the duo was unbreakable and had a special bond.

phil mickelson

Phil Mickelson wanted to give Tiger Woods a bad memory
Woods and Mickelson go a long way back together. The two used to have fun banter between them every time they met. Mickelson once admitted that it is very hard for him to win from Woods when it comes to smack talk. Lefty has always found it hard to match Tiger Woods’ records. But once, Mickelson challenged Woods to beat him in his hometown.

In an interview with Golfweek, Mickelson said, “I can’t wait to go to Tiger’s place and take him down.” He added, “Tiger thinks he has a huge advantage playing there…on his home course…That’s fine.” Woods was teaming up with Peyton Manning, while Mickelson had Tom Brady on his team.

“There will be no excuses. It’s his home course but Tom and I are going to go down there and put it to them, and we’ll make it that every time Tiger shows up at his home course, he’ll have a bad memory,” Mickelson stated in a joking manner. It was a charity match played for the coronavirus relief funds.

Tiger Woods is and plans to be a PGA Tour patron. The 15-time major winner has made most of his career wins on the PGA Tour. And he is not happy with the departure of such talented players from the former tour to join LIV Golf for money. Woods was reportedly offered more than $700-800 million to join the Saudi-backed tour, which he refused to accept.

Phil Mickelson

His reaction to the LIV Tour rebels in his statement about players turning their backs on the tour was clear. However, Mickelson being the face of the LIV Golf league, took Woods’ remarks personally. He said, “I think everybody’s going to have strong emotions and opinions about it, and I certainly respect his.

Woods and Mickelson have drifted apart over time, and the chances of them playing together anytime soon, are nearly null. Do you think the two golf legends could ever reunite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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