“Simone Is So Tiny”: Fans React as Simone Biles Looks Same Height as Chris Brown’s 8-Year-Old Daughter

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Being tall is counted as one of the strengths in athletics. But it’s not the only factor that determines an athlete’s level of achievement. Gymnast Simone Biles is a perfect example of this with her 4’8 height. Her size is way more perfect for being a gymnast; it provides the main benefit of flexibility and less weight while winning on the pole.

As a result, she has created a legacy in gymnastics with four-Olympic gold medals. However, from time to time, Biles’ height has been compared with many athletes. Previously, her height contrasted with legendary basketball players Shaquille O’Neal and Swimmer Michael Phelps. Interestingly, now her height is being compared with a millionaire singer’s 8-year-old daughter.

Simone’s height has contrasted with Singer Chris Brown’s 8-year-old daughter Royalty this time. The gymnast with her fiance Jonathan Owens went to the show of Chris Brown and Lil Baby, ‘One of them One’s Show.’ There they met Chris and his daughter. After the meetup, Simone shared the picture on her Instagram story.

Meanwhile, a fan, through his Twitter handle, shared the picture with the caption, “Simone Biles and her fiancé Jonathan Owens backstage with Chris Brown and his daughter Royalty at the #OneOfThemOnesTour.” Simone and Brown’s fans started pouring their love into the comment with heart emojis. However, some fans spotted the contrasting height difference between Biles and Brown’s daughter.

While some users took a dig at her heels, “Simone has on heels.” One user commented, “How much did Chris charge Simone for this pic.”

Another fan of Chris Brown complimented his looks, saying, “Chris Brown looks hotter than ever. Simone Biles Royalty Brown is growing up #OneOfThemOnesTour.”

Simone Biles

Biles’ tiny height provides her multiple advantages for her gymnastics routines. She has bonded everyone with the greatness of her legacy with her performances since the 2016 Rio Olympics.

There was a time when the GOAT of gymnastics, Simone, was going through a difficult period. During her career beginning, her height was her biggest insecurity for her. But she was awestruck as she saw the advantages of her perfect height in gymnastics. During the conversation with Women’s Health magazine, Biles described her hope of inspiring other kids.

She said, “It’s amazing that I can inspire little kids to know that you can be short or tall, and your body type doesn’t matter because you can do anything.”

Negative and positive comments have always surrounded an athlete in the sporting world. However, the four-time Olympic gold medalist learned to fight with them.

Whereas one user called her tiny, “Simone is so tiny lol,” someone wrote, “Royalty and Simone almost same size. Both so cute.” another user got struck by the realization, “I- I didn’t realize how small Simone was.

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