Simone Biles takes on extreme dares, from beekeeping to DJing, in new Snapchat show

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Simone Biles has to be pretty fearless to be the greatest gymnast of all time. But she admits there’s a lot she hasn’t tried and things she’s afraid of in life.

The Houston-raised 25-year-old is challenging herself in a 10-part original series, “Daring Simone Biles,” which launched Sunday, August 20 on Snapchat.

The series chronicles her adventures jumping out of her comfort zone to try new things such as beekeeping, DJing and even competing with her fiancé Houston Texans safety Jonathan Owens.

simone biles laces

By the way, she’s terrified of bees and tells a story about her encounter with a bee during the World Championships in 2014.

“The most amazing journeys in life start when you dare to experience something new,” she says in the show’s trailer.

Episodes air every other day through Sept. 7 exclusively on Snapchat.

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