Phil Mickelson Once Bluntly Exposed Golf’s Ambitious Netflix Project

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Phil Mickelson has been a professional player for decades now. Probably being one of America’s star players, when someone like Mickelson speaks, people tend to listen. Lately, Mickelson has thrashed the PGA tour for not giving the players their due when it comes to their ‘media’ rights.

Phil Mickelson speaks about the Netflix project
Mickelson staunchly presented his views on the players’ access to media and its rights. According to him, the players are not getting any remuneration for the Netflix project that is underway. Not just that but they also have to pay to access their own media. Mickelson called out the PGA tour for the same. He said that this “greed” is obnoxious to him.

He said, “Take this Netflix project that is underway. None of the players are getting paid. But the tour is getting paid a lot of money. As is Augusta National. As is the USGA. But if the players had their own channel, maybe they put up their own content and we would start to see golf presented more intimately.”

According to Mickelson, players should be paid for their media rights. Players will be incentivized to share an extra inside of the tour with the audience if they get access to their own media. An insight that currently does not exist due to the lack of any benefit whatsoever to the players.

phil mickelson

He claimed that the PGA Tour’s inability to give the players what they deserve in terms of the aforementioned rights is one of the major reasons why the tour is losing players to the Saudi-backed Golf league.

Is Mickelson going to retire?
The news of Mickelson’s plan of retirement from golf has surfaced quite a lot lately. In a recent interview, Mickelson talked about his retirement.

He said, “If I win the U.S. Open, I will retire. That would be my last tournament. I will have achieved the career Grand Slam and I won’t have anything more to prove.”

Mickelson remains to be a major name in golf, and his name has probably been linked to the PGA-LIV face-off a lot of times. Mickelson stated, “My ultimate loyalty is to the game of golf and what it has given me. I don’t know where things are headed. But I know I will be criticized. That’s not my concern. It would be so naive not to factor in all of the complexities. The media rights are but a small fraction of everything else. And it is the tour’s obnoxious greed that has really opened the door for opportunities elsewhere.”

Only time will tell how the events will shape out for Mickelson and the PGA tour.

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