‘If Roger Federer wants to play next year…’, says ATP legend

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Roger Federer, according to his latest Instagram post, has spent a fun summer with his family but also training, a chapter in which his wife Mirka had a few words when the Swiss teacher shared a photo with his chosen one hitting on the court while he was is looking.

“It’s been a fun summer,” Federer captioned the post. Nick Kyrgios reacted to Federer’s summer recap. “Enjoy the time with the master family,” said Federer. Roger Federer attended the Leo Awards gala night with his wife Mirka in July.

The Swiss master was present as an ambassador for the JURA coffee machine brand. The coffee machine brand thanked Roger Federer after posting a photo with him and Mirka on Instagram along with a written note. “The JURA Global 2022 sales conference was a fantastic event!

3 days of meeting the JURA family, innovations, great speakers, lots of Espresso, ONO and last but not least, Roger Federer at the gala night of the LEO Awards! A big shout out to Emanuel Probst and his team from JURA head office for a perfect conference,” said the team behind JURA.

Jura, a coffee company, has been a partner of Roger Federer for more than a decade. Emmanuel Probst, CEO of the company, praised the remarkable character of the Swiss player, comparing him only to Jura. “In 2006, it wasn’t the same Roger and it wasn’t the same Jura,” Probst told CNN, recalling how their collaboration began.

John McEnroe on King Roger

John McEnroe gave a long interview, in which he varied on different topics concerning the racket. The former world number 1 also spoke about Roger Federer. “This is a huge question, but I am unable to give you an absolute answer.

As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t want the farewell tour, but he’s obviously in a very different position than I was in. It depends on the person, some people like it, they are showered with gifts and love – who wouldn’t? But at the same time, I don’t think Roger wants to go out and lose in the first or second round and he’s 41.

I thought he would play the Laver Cup and then go to Basel and retire. It seemed to make sense, because the physicist was unable to reach the level he needed. But he said he wants to play next year and who am I to say he shouldn’t? He should definitely do what he wants.

So, I don’t know, but if he wants to play next year and is thinking about playing the Australia Open, or playing these events, he knows what it takes to do that – and he’s not going there to lose in the first round.

It will be an interesting decision that he will make, I don’t know what will happen. He is the most handsome player he has ever seen and is the embodiment of class.”

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