When $300M Worth Phil Mickelson Was Forced to Borrow $1 to Pay Off a Bet

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Phil Mickelson is one of the most talked about golfers today. The LIV Golf rebel is well-known for pranking people on the field. But another habit that the golfer can not seem to get rid of is his gambling. He once shared an amusing story about a time when he gambled during a practice round.
Mickelson is the world’s highest-paid golfer today. The golf legend has a garage full of luxurious cars and also owns a private jet. However, Lefty once had to borrow a dollar to pay off a bet during his practice round!

The golfer lost a bet to a patron who was outside the ropes during the round. The fan, out of nowhere, challenged Mickelson’s short game and said that he could not get up and down. Mickelson was at the par-3 sixth hole and had put the ball on the green. But despite his amazing short-game skills, he ended up losing the $1 bet to the fan.

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Tweets about the incident went viral soon after fans experienced Mickelson’s embarrassing loss. A tweet from a user said, “he first said I don’t have a $1, I’ll give you a golf ball. He ended up giving both.” It turned out the golfer had to borrow a dollar from Jason Dufner’s caddie since he didn’t have any cash on him at that time.

What did Mickelson say about the incident?

Lefty was asked about the bet in the post-round conference. He said, “He was mouthing off — ‘hard shot, get this up-and-down, no chance’…And I did hit a good shot. I had a 7-footer straight uphill and I had to pay him.” Mickelson said that the shot wasn’t too hard, but it was just not his day to win a bet. The golfer has a record of winning bets against almost every player he has practiced with before his round. But the patron was destined to receive a dollar as well as Mickelson’s golf ball that day.

Mickelson has an old habit of gambling small amounts of money, especially during his practice rounds. But it was surprising to see Mickelson lose such an easy bet, no matter how small the amount was. Do you know any such betting stories about Phil Mickelson? Let us know in the comments below.

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