Roger Federer delivers beautiful retirement message to the great Serena Williams

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Roger Federer congratulated Serena Williams on “a most incredible career” and added that it is “beyond incredible” what she has accomplished in the game of tennis. With Williams retiring after this year’s US Open, 20-time Grand Slam champion Federer took a moment to pay tribute to the retiring great.

“Hey Serena, it’s Roger here. I wanted to congratulate you for a most incredible career. You know what you have achieved. I know what you have done and you know what it is, it’s just beyond incredible. It’s probably with mixed feelings that you’re leaving this wonderful sport that has given you everything and more.

I wish you all the best with your family. All the best to your fans who I’m sure are going to miss you very dearly, and I am one of them,” Federer said in a video for the ATP.

Federer recalls Williams’ first US Open triumph

In the 1999 US Open final, Williams defeated the great Martina Hingis 6-3 7-6 to lift her first Grand Slam title.

Back then, Federer stayed up late so he could watch the final. “I think back to ’99 at the US Open when you played Martina Hingis. I stayed up late to watch you battle it out and that was the beginning to your incredible career that you’ve had ever since.

I think the future is going to be wonderful for you,” Federer said. Federer hopes Williams will stay connected to the game and wished her all the best in the next chapter of her life. “Please return to the tennis community and family.

We will always welcome you with open arms and we will always be happy to see you again so please return. And for now, enjoy this moment, enjoy the US Open. Enjoy everything that’s coming in the next couple of weeks even though I know it might be hard for you.

I am thinking of you and you have all my respect and I wish you all the very very best for the future. Take care Serena,” Federer concluded.

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