Tiger Woods Once Revealed a Scary Incident Where His Daughter Came to His Timely Rescue

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Tiger Woods is possibly one of the greatest golfers the world has ever seen. The American professional golfer is famous around the world. So when someone like Woods reveals a scary story from his past, it intrigues his followers.

Tiger Woods once suffered from an injury that made him question his future in golf. Thanks to a family member, the pro golfer received timely aid.
Tiger Woods’ daughter turned out to be his savior

The family member who showed up for Woods when he needed it the most was in fact his daughter. Sam Alexis Woods is Tiger Woods’s 14-year-old daughter. The duo has stuck with one another, be it Woods’s injury or his induction into the World Golf Hall of fame.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods shared that there was a time he really hurt his back. During a practice session, an unfortunate turn of events left Woods deeply hurt and close to being done. He said, “I was down. I didn’t bring my cell phone. I couldn’t call anybody and I couldn’t move.”

The golf sensation continued, “Well, thank God my daughter’s a daddy’s girl and she always wants to hang out. She came out and said, ‘What’s wrong?’ I said, ‘My back’s not doing very good.’ She says, ‘Again?’ I say, ‘Yes, again, Sam. Can you please go get those guys?’”
Thankfully for Woods, his daughter saved him from a very possible permanent problem. The father-daughter duo is also probably champion, in retrospect.

Tiger Woods was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame by his daughter Sam Alexis Woods. The proud father was overwhelmed by the sweet heartfelt words of his daughter.

After Sam’s emotional speech, Woods could not control but cry. He said, “Crap, I just lost a bet to [Steve] Stricker that I wouldn’t cry. Thank you, Sam.”

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