“One Who’d Settled Me Down”: Simone Biles’ Heartwarming Relationship With Her Childhood Best Friend Revealed

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Gymnast Simone Biles has accomplished much in her career and garnered four gold medals. From time to time, she has revealed her support system, including her family, fiance, and childhood best friend, Rachel Moore. She and her best friend are spotted doing goofy things together in Simone’s latest Snapchat show.

However, many fans of the legendary gymnast are curious about how their friendship started. Their friendship started when Biles was little and joined the gym for her training.

In her book, ‘Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance,’ Simone penned the first encounter she had with Moore. She pointed out their similarities and said, “My other bestie at Bannon’s was Rachel Moore. She started out in Adria’s group, but she was my age, and we had a lot in common.”

She beautifully described her appearance, “She had short hair like me, and we went to the same Dominican hair stylist for a while. Some Saturdays, we’d make appointments together so we could hang out at the hair salon as well as at the gym. Rachel was generally a happy person to be around.”

Simone Biles channed

She wrote about Rachel being her support system: “At Bannon’s, if I started getting really hyper, Rachel was the one who’d settle me down and tell me to focus. And she and her mom often drove hundreds of miles to cheer me on at gymnastics competitions.” Their bonding became stronger with time, while Rachel supported her in difficult times. After Simone got engaged to her fiance, NFL player Jonathan Owens, Rachel also got engaged and prepared for her wedding.

Being shifted to foster care, far away from her mother, must have been difficult for a little girl. After that, her grandparents eased her difficulties and adopted her at a little age. She grew up with them working on her gymnastics skills. Her path was filled with obstacles, but her parents supported, and their love healed her. In 2016, before she excelled in gymnastics, she faced cyber attacks that exposed her medical records.

But her parents and her best friend cheered her from the crowd during her Rio Olympics performance. As she carried on and created her legacy, she suffered a major breakdown during the Tokyo Olympics. But as time passed, the gymnast met Jonathan. He understood her struggles and was with her in the tough times.

In 2022, the couple decided to move forward in their relationship with beautiful engagement rings. Now, as the fans of legendary gymnasts eagerly await to see her walking the aisle, some are also waiting for her reaction to her best friend’s wedding.

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