‘I Was Being a Punk and I Deserved It’: When Phil Mickelson Utterly Humbled a Former Pro With His Class Act

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Phil Mickelson is one of the most controversial players in the field of golf today. The six-time major winner has been on the news ever since he joined LIV Golf. But Mickelson is also very humble when it comes to speaking to his fans and his fellow golfers. And there was a time when a golfer was shocked to see Mickelson’s soft behavior despite their bitter history.

A player once shared a story in his article where he described an incident that occurred between him and Mickelson long ago. It was from the time when the golf legend was a teenager. Mickelson had always been good at his game and was constantly improving his skills. Monte Scheinblum shared the story of playing a game of golf against Mickelson a long time ago.

According to Scheinblum, Mickelson teamed up with Harry Rudolph, while Scheinblum was playing alongside Bob May. Scheinblum said that Mickelson was “acting like a punk” since the first tee. He said that it got even worse by the third and fourth holes. Soon, Scheinblum and the other two golfers started talking about another topic, where Mickelson felt left out. The narrator said that there was a time during the conversation when Lefty simply walked down all alone and began to cry.

Scheinblum said that despite his ruined mood, Mickelson’s game was not at all affected. And the narrator didn’t meet the golfer for the next 5-6 years after that. Scheinblum was sure that he had hurt Mickelson deeply and that he would never talk to him again. He also mentioned that out of all the four golfers, Mickelson was the only one who tasted success.

Mickelson surprised Scheinblum with his behavior
Scheinblum said that there was a time when he was hitting balls on the range after getting a sponsor exemption. And he suddenly saw Phil Mickelson walking towards him. Mickelson had achieved a lot on the PGA Tour at the time and had made tons of fans. But despite all his success, he came forward and asked Scheinblum how he was. “Congratulations on winning the long drive championship. Hoping to see you out here soon.” Mickelson said.

The narrator said thanks and asked Lefty why he was being so kind to him after what happened back when they played together. And Mickelson replied, “Nah, I was being a punk and I deserved it, good luck this week.”. Scheinblum was not expecting Mickelson to be so humble after he made the golfer cry a few years back. But it is not a new thing for Mickelson to do the least expected thing.

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