The expectations are always high when Simone Biles stands on the vault. Having won 32 medals across various World Championship and Olympic events, she is undeniably one of the greatest gymnasts of all time. Regardless of her young age, she has achieved feats that many of her contemporaries fail to achieve. Simone puts in a lot of effort to bring the perfection that she displays.
Devoting hours and hours to the vault, Simone hardly gets time to explore a world beyond gymnastics. She may be the most dominant competitor on the mat, but when it comes to everyday things, the case is different.
Simone’s struggle is arduous
Simone’s gymnastics routines are under her control, but she can hardly say the same for day-to-day activities. Before the lockdown, she was too busy with her gymnastic schedule, and barely got time to bother about all this. However, when the lockdown came in 2020, Simone realized it was not just the vault that was difficult. Even doing everyday things was equally difficult.
The first thing she learned herself during the lockdown was how terrible she was at doing something apart from gymnastics. She quoted, “it just started pissing me off, because everyone’s like, Oh, I’m gonna pick up painting and was great at that, and I was, Forget it like.” Even for small things like functioning the dishwasher or setting the alarm system, she sought her father’s help.

Simone biles

She adds that most of the pandemic was spent trying and failing to record a TikTok video. Unaware of all the gen-z abbreviations, Simone would often bicker over her younger sister Adria’s use of abbreviations. Unable to understand what Adria wanted to say, Simone could not help but comment, “Can you just type it out?” Expressing her displeasure, she said, “You could have just typed out thank you instead of ty. You guys are lazy.”
Simone Biles and her zeal to try new things out
As the episodes of “Daring Simone Biles” premiered, the fans saw their favorite gymnast take up new roles. Having done gymnastics since she was six, the Olympic gold medalist was ready to take up her new job. Despite having won an array of medals, none of her gymnastics skills came to use when she sat for an interview to get the job at the ice cream parlor.
Turing her “guilty pleasure” into a real job, Simone did face initial hurdles, but slowly she managed fine. To make the customers happy, she tried her best. As of now, she has been away from the vault for quite a long, and with Paris Olympics around the corner, the fans are eagerly waiting for her return.