Tiger Woods and his golf course design firm TGR Design have announced their venture into a new experience in the mountains of Utah.

Marcella Club in the Park City-area of Utah is set to be host to the ‘Marcella at Jordanelle Ridge’ course. It marks the first mountain course Woods will design.

The 18-hole championship venue that Woods is creating will be the first half of a 36-hole golfing facility.
‘The course will offer engaging play for every ability. My intent is to create a world-class golf experience to pair with Marcella Club’s vision for modern luxury living.


TGR Design’s website says the club will have ‘unparalleled 360-degree views of the Uinta Mountains, Jordanelle Reservoir, Deer Valley Resort, and the Heber Valley… Marcella Club will have some of the most spectacular views in all of golf.’

The site also says that the course ‘has been routed to take advantage of the incredible long-range vistas while also incorporating contrasting intimate valleys between the ridges to create a truly unique and memorable golf experience.

‘The course will provide a stern test for low handicap golfers, yet also present a fun, family friendly experience to allow individuals of all skill levels to come together and enjoy the course.’

For those who look to play the course, TGR Design gives a greater insight into what will await them.
‘The championship course will feature generous landing areas helping players to keep the ball in play while still challenging players with strategic choices and angles off the tee for the best opportunities to score.

‘The greens will vary in size and contouring to reinforce the tee shot strategy, but with green surrounds mowed tight, players missing the green will be able to use their creativity to make interesting recoveries.

‘The partnership between Marcella Club and Tiger will be the premier golf experience in the Mountain West resulting in a championship course that will fully take advantage of the stunning Utah setting and be strategically designed to be playable for all.’

‘Two key factors for me are being able to work with great partners on great properties. My team has built a superb relationship with our partners on Marcella.

‘That said, I am thrilled about the location of this property. The canvas for my course is one of the most dramatic I’ve ever seen.

‘It has ridgelines with some of the most stunning views in the world, valleys with amazing contours and topography, and groves of trees that allow me to use creativity to bring to life a golf experience that’s something special.’

This marks the ninth course that TGR Design will be building.

In addition to Marcella, TGR has built Bluejack National in Texas, Payne’s Valley in Missouri, The Hay at Pebble Beach in California, a full restoration of the South Shore & Jackson Park Golf Course in Illinois, Jack’s Bay in the Bahamas, and three courses in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

PARK CITY, Utah — Tiger Woods is coming to Park City and he’s bringing a golf course with him.

The Marcella Club announced the legendary golfer, considered one of the best to ever play the game, will design the new 18-hole course at their Park City location. It will be the first course created by Woods’ company, TGR Design, in Utah and the entire Mountain West.

According to a release Tuesday, the mountain course will be integrated into the natural landscape and will be the state’s longest and highest-elevated course.

“Utah is an incredible place, with favorable year-round weather that offers opportunities to be active outdoors throughout all four seasons — golfing, skiing, biking, hiking, and fishing — the list goes on and on,” said Woods. “I’m thrilled to be designing a course in such a special location.”

A winner of 15 major championships, Tiger Woods is one of the most popular players in golf history. As his career on the course winds down, TGR Design is ramping up with courses across the U.S., Mexico and Bahamas.

When opened, Marcella Club will be part of the new Mayflower Mountain Resort and feature ski trails, lifts, dining, and golf.

“The canvas for my course is one of the most dramatic I’ve ever seen,” Woods shared. “It has ridgelines with some of the most stunning views in the world, valleys with amazing contours and topography, and groves of trees that allow me to use creativity to bring to life a golf experience that’s something special.”

The golf course is scheduled to open in 2025.

Former Masters champion Trevor Immelman has expressed his hope that golf legend Tiger Woods could take part in as many as seven tournaments this calendar year.

Tiger Woods, who has been struggling with injuries, has been involved in just a few events since his serious car accident back in 2021.

“I just want him to be healthy,” Immelman told PGATOUR.COM.

“I spent some time with him in the Bahamas [in December]. He was in pain, and that’s why he was unable to play down there, which was disappointing.

“He said to me that he’d been hitting a lot of balls, the game felt pretty good, it’s just being able to walk and play at the same time. It’s a lot to ask right now.

“I hope he plays seven events. That will mean that his body is working about as well as he can expect, and I think if he gets seven starts, he’ll have one tournament where he’ll give himself a shot at it.”

Possible Masters participation

Immelman also spoke to Reuters to predict that the golf legend will be fit enough to feature in the Masters that will take place at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia in April.

“I spent quite a lot of time with him towards the end of last year and as always he’s working hard,” Immelman noted.

“His work ethic is unparalleled and he is trying to do everything he can to live a functional life for his family but also to be able to compete. I do anticipate him playing the Masters.

“He has to make sure he is really ready to walk that course four or five days in a row. That for me would be the only question mark for him because his game looked pretty good when I seen him.”

Tiger Woods says 2022 was “one of the more rewarding years I’ve had in a while” and is aiming to play all four majors next year.

The American, a 15-time major winner, is still recovering from severe leg injuries suffered in a car crash in February 2021.

He has also developed plantar fasciitis – pain in the base of his foot.

It means the 46-year-old has been limited to only nine rounds of competitive golf this year.

Before taking part in the Match – an exhibition tournament in Florida – last week, Woods had not played since the Open Championship at St Andrews in July, when he missed the cut.

This weekend he played in the PNC Championship family golf tournament in Orlando, Florida, alongside son Charlie, 13.

And when asked how he felt compared to when he played in the event last year, Woods said he had made “a lot” of progress.

“Last year I played with a broken leg. This year nothing was broken, but it was good that all the pieces are there again all lined up,” he said.

“Plantar fasciitis is no fun and now I get to truly recover and heal and progress forward on this.

“There are so many good things that I’ve been able to do physically – be able to hit the golf ball and practice and do everything in a standstill.

“But I haven’t been able to get from point A to point B and we’re obviously going to work on this,” added Woods, who used a cart to get round the course in Orlando.

“It was a tough year but also one of the more rewarding years I’ve had in a while.

“It was an incredible week just to be able to play with Charlie,” added Woods, who also said he did not yet know what his 2023 schedule would look like but that he was aiming to play in all four majors.

The Woods pairing tied for eighth at the event, which was won by Fiji’s Vijay Singh and his son Qass Singh.

Last August, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy unveiled their new company, TMRW Sports, and the first venture managed through it, the TGL League. Since then, both realities have developed.

TGL League, situation
New investors have joined the initial promoters of the company Woods, McIlroy and McCarley (CEO of the company).
Investors are divided into two categories. CULTURAL ICON INVESTORS This group includes champions of multiple sports and show business personalities (TMRW’s goal is to ‘create pioneering enterprises that implement progressive approaches to various sports, media and technologies’).

Basically we are talking about various testimonials who lend their image to promote that of TMRW. Carlos Sainz Jr., Lewis Hamilton, Larry Fitzgerald, Tony Romo, Justin Timberlake, Andy Murray, Serena Williams, Gareth Bale, Stephen Curry, to name a few.

INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS In this category we find a long series of companies involved in the various managerial and operational aspects of the company headed by the two creators of the project. But the gears of the TGL League have also begun to move.

The format, created jointly with the PGA Tour, saw the adhesions of two other top players. Adam Scott and Collin Morikawa join Justin Thomas and Jon Rahm, who joined TGL in November of last year. No news, however, about the characteristics of the format.

The TGL League tee shot remains fixed for the month of January 2024. The Rules of Golf are a set of standard rules and procedures by which the sport of golf should be played. They are jointly written and maintained by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St.

Andrews, the governing body for golf worldwide, outside of the United States and Mexico, which are governed by the United States Golf Association. An expert commission made up of members of the R&A and USGA, oversees and refines the rules every four years.

The latest revision has been in force since January 1, 2016. Changes to the rules of golf generally fall into two main categories: those that improve understanding and those that in certain cases reduce penalties to ensure balance.

The rule book, entitled “Rules of Golf”, is published on a regular basis and also includes rules governing amateur status. In Italy it is up to Federgolf to supervise the competitions by enforcing the rules issued by the R & A, checking that these rules are observed by the Clubs, Associations and their members and manages the resulting sporting justice, protecting their interests abroad.

As mentioned earlier, EA Sports PGA Tour will directly compete with PGA Tour 2K23. 2K’s title not only enjoys a first-mover advantage with an earlier launch, but it will also contain some exclusive licenses with golfers. One of them happens to be Tiger Woods, who posted about their exclusive membership with 2K.

Incidentally, Tiger Woods has partnered with EA Sports in the past before the latter had a change of plans. Of course, that was back in 2015, and since then, the studio in Vancouver has stayed away from video game adaptations of golf.

Nonetheless, things will soon change on March 24, when the EA Sports PGA Tour launches across all platforms. Players will have plenty of exciting features to test out, some of which will be inherited from the existing set of products. As for the playable characters, professional golfers will be present.

Be that as it may, Tiger Woods seems to be an exclusive, at least for the time being, as his license lies with 2K. He has returned as the cover icon of PGA Tour 2K23, and hence will play no part with EA Sports, for the present.

The future could be different if any revisions are made to the terms and conditions of the deal. In the interim, players will have to choose PGA Tour 2K23 if they want to enjoy gaming as Tiger Woods’ avatar.

Will Tiger Woods be present in EA Sports PGA Tour Road to the Masters?

Tiger Woods was one of the first names that came to people’s minds when the EA Sports PGA Tour was announced a few days back. That’s not unnatural, given that the American is one of the greatest golfers of all time. Additionally, many expect that EA Sports’ latest venture will include real-life golfers.

Much has been revealed about the upcoming title, which will find a direct contender in 2K Sports’ PGA Tour 2K23. The latter was released last winter and has done reasonably well since its launch. One of its unique selling points is its ability to let players play as a simulation of real-life professionals.

Expectations from the EA Sports PGA Tour will be quite high, as the studio has a rich catalog of sports games. Whether Madden NFL 23 or FIFA 23, all games pride themselves on their licenses. The upcoming golf simulator has already confirmed the presence of professional golfers. However, there could be plenty of disappointment for fans expecting the existence of a Tiger Woods avatar in it.

Tiger Woods’ father influenced the entirety of his career. The militant discipline his father enforced has resulted in Woods himself reiterating the same phrases he heard as a child to Sam and Charlie — like “train hard, fight easy” (via YouTube).

Growing up, Woods consistently heard his father tell him that they were not — and would never be — “friends.” Although Woods may not be the strict disciplinary parent his father was, he revealed that he maintains his authoritative position by also reminding his children that he is not their friend.

During his appearance on “Another Golf Podcast,” Woods revealed that he reminds Charlie of this regularly when they play together. “I said, ‘Son, you will never be my friend. Okay? I will always be friendly, but I will always be your dad,'” he said.

While the words seem harsh, it seems that Woods wants his children to understand who he is to them, the same way his father did to him. “I think that’s the responsibility as a parent,” he said. “You could always be friendly. My dad was always friendly to me, but he was my dad first.”

They were informed of their father’s past mistakes

Tiger Woods remains a world-renowned
Although Tiger Woods remains a world-renowned athlete, a past filled with infidelity and substance abuse tainted his pristine image for years. In 2009, alleged affairs came to light, changing how the public viewed Woods’ marriage to Elin Nordegren. In a statement in February 2010, he described “irresponsible and selfish” behavior, and admitted to affairs (via CNN). He apologized for his actions and embraced a newfound path to healing. “I owe it to my family to become a better person, I owe it to those close to me to become a better man. … I have a lot of work to do,” he shared in his statement.

Despite his apologetic attitude, Woods and Nordegren wouldn’t work past their differences, resulting in their divorce in 2010. Woods held himself accountable for not only ruining his marriage but altering the lives of Sam and Charlie also. While the two were too young to process what happened at the time, Woods revealed in Time that he was upfront with his kids about why they wouldn’t see their father and mother under the same roof.

“I want it to come from me so that when they come of age, I’ll just tell them the real story,” he said. “But meanwhile, it’s just, ‘Hey, Daddy made some mistakes. But it’s okay. We’re all human. We all make mistakes.'”

They have a half brother

Tiger Woods remains a world-renowned

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s divorce came months after the alleged cheating scandal was publicized. As the parents of Sam and Charlie, the two worked to rebuild their relationship for the sake of their family. This would be short-lived, however, as the damage done was irreversible.

Despite their ordeal, Woods and Nordegren agreed to make an effort to be successful co-parents. The two have worked through their differences and were able to form a friendship (per Time). According to People, after Woods’ accident in 2021, Nordegren made sure that the kids saw their father consistently as he recovered, suggesting that Nordegren still wants Sam and Charlie to have a good relationship with their father despite their separation.

While the two have seemingly rebuilt their friendship, both have found other romantic partners. Nordegren started dating ex-NFL player Jordan Cameron. In 2019, the couple had their first child, Arthur Nordegren Cameron, giving Sam and Charlie a half sibling.

According to Page Six, Nordegren appeared at Charlie’s soccer practice with Sam and Arthur in 2021. Though their relationship with the newborn is unclear, it seems that Nordegren is trying to ensure Arthur is familiar with his half siblings.

Early last year, the LIV golf and PGA Tour controversy erupted. One of the igniters of it all was Phil Mickelson, who was one of the first few golfers to jump ship. Thereafter, the flames that were ignited are yet to be put out. Many, both inside and outside of the golf world, lashed out at Lefty. Tiger Woods, the golf legend, was among them. Martina Navratilova, the tennis star, was standing right next to Woods.

Navratilova has been a strong opponent of the LIV golf side since the beginning. Even when it was just a rumor, she was highly critical of it. She has lashed out at Phil both directly and indirectly multiple times since last year.

Martina Navratilova agrees with Tiger Woods’ statements
As per The Guardian, in May last year, Woods had some harsh words for Mickelson. “He has his opinion on where he sees the game of golf going,” Woods stated. “I have my viewpoint how I see the game of golf.” The 15-time major winner has been the most outspoken advocate for the PGA Tour since the beginning of the feud. Despite sharing a close relationship with Lefty, he publicly called him out.

The golf legend explained that they both had different opinions and that he himself could never imagine leaving the “legacy” that comes with the tour. “I’ve supported the Tour and my foundation has run events on the Tour for a number of years,” said the pro cyclist. Woods believed that the PGA Tour was the real legacy and that LIV could never compare to it.

Woods’ words inspired many to side with the PGA Tour. Among them was the former Czechoslovakian-American tennis player Martina Navratilova. Responding to an article where the golf pro was speaking out against Mickelson, she tweeted “Good to hear!”

Tiger Woods further criticizes Phil Mickelson

“Phil has said some things that I think a lot of us… have pushed back against,” said Woods. He explained that the way Mickelson believed the tour should be run was different than everyone else’s. Lefty had back then accused the PGA of having “obnoxious greed.” Not everyone on the tour agreed with him.

Just a month later, Phil signed with the Saudi-backed league and was banned from the PGA Tour. thereby adding gasoline to the spark that he had already ignited. Woods and Mickelson are now leading opposing forces. Many words have since been exchanged, and many more may. But many fans wonder if the two will remain friends over time.

Do you think their friendship can withstand this heavy test? Let us know in the comments below.

For nearly two decades, hundreds and thousands of spectators have followed Tiger Woods move from hole to hole to watch the great golfer play. However, long before he even received a PGA Tour card, a teenage Tiger was mugged with no fans or people in sight. His father Earl Woods shared his thoughts on how his golfer son could counterattack any similar incident in near future.

Though it may be hard to believe, even the 15-time Major winner was robbed with a knife kept on his neck. Let’s take a look at what unfolded and how Tiger’s father reacted to the unprecedented incident.

Tiger Woods must be alert, claims his father

In the fall of 1994, Woods was robbed in the parking lot of Stanford University. During the time, the golfer was at the top of the Amateur golf scene, after becoming the youngest US Amateur Championship winner at age of 18. However, his then-newfound status could not help him fight the robbers.

Tiger was punched, knocked down, and had a knife to his throat. The thieves stole a gold chain from the future Billionaire. Following the devastating incident, Woods called his father a day later. Though the golfer was humorous with his approach, it still worried Earl Woods.

While speaking to Los Angeles Times in 1995, the Senior Woods shared his thoughts on the mugging incident. He disclosed how there’s nothing much his 18-year-old son could have done to avoid the unprecedented incident. However, Earl did suggest Tiger be alert in future instances.“The only thing Tiger can do, from a counterterrorist point of view, is to be alert”.

Tiger Woods said, “But who expects to be mugged in front of their own house in a well-lit parking lot?” Surely, what are the odds of being mugged in front of your own house? Fortunately for Tiger Woods, it was only a matter of months before he was surrounded by the world of golf.

And 29 years after the incident, there is hardly any occurrence where Woods can be found by himself alone in the parking lot. Nonetheless, mugging can happen at any place and at any moment. However, only this time the Hall of Famer will be alert, thanks to his late father’s valuable advice.

What are your thoughts on Earl Woods’ words for Tiger? Let us know in the comments section below.

After 27 years of devotion to golf, Tiger Woods lives a life of luxury. Nearly every sports fan is aware of the Billionaire golfer. However, two years before his professional debut in the PGA Tour, Woods was knocked, robbed, and had a knife to his throat during a night at Stanford University. Let’s take a look at how the Hall of Famer reacted to the incident.

While playing golf, Tiger is surrounded by hundreds and thousands who follow the 15-time Major from hole to hole. However, when not playing the sport he mastered, Woods could be found by himself with no one around.

Though it may not be a possibility currently, years before the commencement of his road to the pinnacle of the sport, a teen Tiger, like any other commoner was mugged.

Tiger Woods’ humorous response after being robbed
In 1994, Woods was the most renowned amateur golfer in the world. At age 18, he became the youngest golfer to win the US Amateur Championship. He also was named Los Angeles Times’ Player of the year. However, a year later, the same media outlet reported the news of Tiger being mugged.


As per the LA Times’ report, in the fall of 1994, Tiger Woods’ walked into the parking lot of Stanford University and was met with an unprecedented company. The then-teenage golfer was held with a knife on his throat, punched in the face, and knocked to the ground. The robbers stole the golden chain which Woods was wearing.

Following the traumatic night, Earl Woods, Tiger’s father, had a phone call with the future 15-time Major winner. Unlike many, despite being robbed, Tiger still had a comical take on the whole incident. “I talked to him at 2 a.m. the night after the incident,” said Earl to the Los Angeles Times.

He shared that in the phone call, the young Woods trolled himself by saying, “Pops, you know that overbite I had? It’s gone. My teeth are perfectly aligned”. And just like that, Tiger Woods moved on with his life, and turned pro two years later, eventually becoming one the most notable face on the planet.

Even after a terrifying incident, Tiger Woods took a humorous approach to the situation. This depicted his character and outlook toward life and career, which helped him in racking 82 professional wins and standing out from the rest of the field. Perhaps, if Tiger was still traumatized about that night from Stanford University, we may have never witnessed his glory in the first place.

What are your thoughts on Woods’ strong mindset? Let us know in the comments section below.