“the GOAT”


The thousand colors of golf. You may be wondering what golf has to do with colors, and vice versa. You will certainly have noticed that Tiger Woods always plays in a red shirt and black pants on Sundays, and that he often wears a magenta shirt.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, red and black
Do you think it is possible that “the GOAT” leaves something to chance? Well no, like all successful characters, in any field, the attention to detail is obsessive. “I wear red on Sundays because my mom thinks it’s my power color, and you know you should always listen to your mom”

Without going to the times of the ancient Egyptians, who already understood over 6000 years ago that colors could have a therapeutic purpose, today you will certainly have heard of chromotherapy. To support their healing power, there are various studies that have shown how colors, to be perceived, stimulate a specific area of ​​our brain, causing a different emotion.

Newton discovered that each of them travels at a different wavelength, and identified the seven colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The fusion of these seven colors generates whiteness (you can enjoy watching the short video in this link).

In many oriental disciplines, from yoga to Hinduism, 7 energy points are identified along the spine, the 7 chakras, which are depicted with the same colors as Newton’s wheel. Each color has a different frequency, as I told you, and interacts in a different way with our body; knowing how to use the right colors can influence your energetic and emotional state.

At this point, I can’t help but tell you about the red and black chosen by Tiger Woods on the last day of every tournament he has played. Red represents the element of fire, vital energy, gives security and helps to achieve the set goals.

Wearing red clothes, eating red foods, sitting often on the ground and walking barefoot, activates the red energy. Attention because if on the one hand it revitalizes you in case of fatigue, and represents the color of speed (Newton discover that it is the color that travels fastest through light), in its negative expressions it is the color of anger.

So my advice is, before wearing it in competition, learn to dominate yourself. Black, known as the mother’s color, is the non-color; in fact it absorbs all the light and represents strength, resolve, discipline, but also negation, protest.

Too much black can weaken the body by absorbing its energy, creating sadness and blocking you within your limits. Magenta, my favorite color, is not generated by a single wavelength, but is the sum of three colors: green, yellow and cyan.

It is the color associated with profound knowledge. Excellent stabilizer, it helps to find clarity, confidence, well-being and calm. Useful for clearing your goals, it stimulates enthusiasm for life.
White, the opposite color to black, is the color of the father and represents the Absolute.

Stimulates freedom and creativity, courage and loyalty. There are tons of other colors you can wear, and most likely you already have a favorite color. Remember, however, that as always awareness, your ability to understand what emotions you are blocking and what you actually need to go to a higher level than where you are today, is always the basis of your growth.